Major beneficiaries

The authorised capital of Joint Stock Company “Holding Company “METALLOINVEST” stands at RUB 3,745,853,000 and comprises 74,917,060,000 ordinary shares.

USM Metalloinvest LLC (a part of Holding Company USM LLC) owns 100% of Joint Stock Company “Holding Company “METALLOINVEST”.


Fiscal Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016*
RUR per ordinary share 0,29 0,19
Total Dividends, RUR mn  17 263 14 189
Total Dividends, USD mn 502 249

Note: dividends paid to the owners of the Company


*Dividend in the total amount of USD 3,382.1 mn was paid to complete the consolidation and transfer of the Company’s shares to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. This dividend is not included in the Total Dividends per year as all the funds were used to repay early granted intragroup loans advanced.

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