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Metalloinvest’s annual report receives top awards at Russian and international competitions

24 November 2017

Metalloinvest’s 2016 annual report has been awarded at several prestigious competitions, both in Russia and internationally.

The Company was the winner at the Moscow Stock Exchange’s 20th Annual Report Competition, receiving awards in the following categories: ‘Best presentation of its business model by a private company’; ‘Best interactive report’; and ‘Best design and navigation of a corporate site’.

Metalloinvest received platinum and gold awards at the MarCom Awards for the print and online versions of its annual report.

The Company also won gold at the LACP Spotlight Awards 2017 and silver at the Galaxy Awards 2017, for the print and online versions of its annual report, respectively. Iron Magazine, another Metalloinvest project, received the platinum award at the MarCom Awards, as the best online and print version of digital and print media.

The Annual Report Competition, organised by the Moscow Stock Exchange and RCB media group, is the leading Russian awards event in the field of corporate governance and investor relations. In the 20th edition of the competition, over 150 of the largest domestic companies from various sectors of the economy participated.

The MarCom Awards is one of the largest and best-respected international corporate communications competitions. The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), based in the USA and active since 1995, organises the awards. Every year the competition attracts more than 6,000 participants from 30 countries around the world. These include: large companies; advertising, design and PR agencies; and freelancers. Winners are selected in more than 300 categories, which are organised by type. These include: 'Print Media'; 'Strategic Communications'; ‘Digital Media'; and 'Video and Audio'.

The Spotlight Awards are organised by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). The LACP was founded in 2001 with the aim of creating a community of PR professionals designed to promote the best achievements in this field and to identify the strongest players in the global market, demonstrating outstanding results in the field of corporate communications. Every year more than 800 projects of the largest international companies from more than 20 countries are submitted for the awards.

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