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OEMK energy management system complies with global standards

7 December 2017

OEMK (part of Metalloinvest) has confirmed that its energy management system complies with the requirements of global standard ISO 50001. Intercertifica TUV conducted the audit, the first of its kind at the OEMK energy management system.

The auditors reviewed all major divisions and departments of the enterprise, analysed their compliance with legal and normative requirements and concluded that OEMK's energy management system is in line with global standards. The experts made these recommendations to the international certifying body TUV International Certification, which had already taken the decision to award OEMK an energy management certificate and an approval mark.

Irina Khrapova, Chief Auditor at Intercertifica TUV, commented: "This was the first certification audit of OEMK's energy management system; as stipulated, these audits take place in two stages. At the preliminary stage, which took place in October, we inspected the implemented documentation for the organisation of the energy management system and checked how it operated. The second stage took the form of a deeper examination, during which the auditors reviewed the production activities at the enterprise's divisions, and checked the extent to which employees take into account the energy management policies established by the management team. It is a pleasure to note that the audit did not reveal any critical areas, either at the first or second stage, where the energy management system did not comply with global standards."

Currently, three systems are certified at OEMK: quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management. The fourth certificate, stating that the energy management system also complies with international requirements, is also important for the enterprise, which supplies products to major international customers.

Sergey Sherbin, Director of the Energy and Energy Resources Department, Management Company Metalloinvest, noted: "Ensuring that our energy management system is in compliance with international requirements is of vital importance. Minimising our environmental impact and energy efficiency becomes more important and relevant each year. Our stakeholders include not only the local population, and employees of our enterprises, but also our international partners. Being certified to the ISO 50001 standard demonstrates that we are internationally competitive and in line with modern trends."

Alexander Tishchenko, Chief Engineer, OEMK, added: "OEMK's energy management system is the result of the collective daily efforts of the enterprise's entire workforce. We have been working towards this for over a year. However, it is not enough for us simply to receive a certificate: we are committed to retaining our leading position and continually improve our standards. These audits help to bring out the areas in which we need to work even harder."

OEMK is the first Metalloinvest enterprise operating an energy management system in line with the ISO-50001:2011 standard. The Company is planning to certify the energy management systems at Ural Steel, Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK to this standard in 2018.

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