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Metalloinvest CEO calls for the implementation of digital technology in monitoring and regulatory activities

15 March 2019

Andrey Varichev, CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest and Chairman of the Committee for control, monitoring and regulatory activities of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), and took part in the Forum “Regulatory and licensing activities in the digital age” as part of the Week of Russian Business (NRB) in Moscow.

Forum participants discussed reform of regulatory activities and the use of digital technology to increase efficiency. Konstantin Chuichenko, Deputy Prime Minister and Chief of Government Staff of the Russian Federation expressed willingness to carry out in-depth discussions about draft legislation surrounding regulatory activities and “overhaul” the draft legislation, which was accepted by the State Duma in the first reading. Specifically, he said the declarations need to be removed, but the guidelines which carry regulatory function should remain. Konstantin Chuichenko commented: “The objectives we set are not only designed to protect business, but also increase the efficiency of the state’s licensing and regulatory activities.” As part of this, the Deputy Prime Minister did not rule out that two separate legislations could appear in the near future: that regulating the procedural and monitoring activities, and that in charge of control and monitoring.

Andrey Varichev commented: “We are seeing interest and willingness within the executive branch of government to work to improve control and monitoring activities. Change is inevitable, and we recognise that government and business alike are accepting this. We need to find a suitable solution for all parties involved which will be reflected in draft legislation being prepared for second reading. We hope that it undergoes revisions and amendments to reflect the changing conditions and opportunities new technologies and the modern world present us.”

As part of the forum, the analytical report entitled “Control, monitoring and regulatory activities in the Russian Federation – 2018” was also presented. The document analysed “digital monitoring”, looking into the use of information technology in control, monitoring and regulatory activities. The report presented quality ratings for changes to control, monitoring and regulatory activities. The Federal Agency for Environmental Supervision was ranked in first place, receiving the most points for all categories of reform. Svetlana Radionova, head of the Federal Agency for Environmental Supervision, commented: “The transition from paper to the digital world is our future and demonstrates the Zeitgeist. The transition to a digital world accelerates processes and makes procedures more transparent.”

Business and government representatives present at the event included: Yuriy Lubimov, deputy head of Chief of Staff of the Russian Government; Alexey Alyoshin, Head of Rostechnadzor; Alexander Buksman, First Deputy CEO of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation; Denis Novak, Deputy Attorney General of the Russian Federation; Vsevolod Vukolov, Head of the Federal Service for Labour and Employment; and Igor Manylov, Chief Executive of Glavgosexpertiza Russia, among others.

Russian Business Week is a key event at which proposals for collaborative workstreams between business and government are discussed and formulated. Forums and conferences discussing key economic challenges take place during the week. The large number of participants confirms that Russian Business Week is an effective platform to set up collaborative projects and encourages ongoing dialogue between government and business.

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