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Metalloinvest enterprises are leaders in CSR across the industry

1 August 2019

Winners of the XVI ‘Metals and Mining Enterprises with Highly Effective CSR’ competition were celebrated at an award ceremony in Moscow. To participate in this renowned competition, 50 Russian enterprises, accounting for half the employees in the industry, demonstrated their success and achievements. Three Metalloinvest enterprises are among this year’s winners.

Lebedinsky GOK and OEMK were named as winners in the ‘Employee Development’ category. Ural Steel took first place in the ‘Environmental Protection and Resource Management’ category.

Metalloinvest continuously seeks to improve its personnel management system and focuses on career guidance, recruitment and motivation of employees. Corporate training plays an important role in this. The professional training programme aims to improve professional competency and develop comprehensive leadership and management skills.

Oleg Mikhailov, Managing Director of Lebedinsky GOK, commented: “We aspire to achieve sustainable leadership in the industry and people are key to fulfilling this ambition. Our employees are a large team of professional and likeminded people, so we focus heavily on HR management. We believe that the corporate culture and business system at Metalloinvest creates unique conditions to develop the potential of every employee.”

Sergey Shishkovets, Managing Director of OEMK, said: “Our success in the ‘Employee Development’ category is the result of efficient, systematic activities designed to boost the professional skills of employees at the enterprise. Our employees are engaged in the process of continuous professional growth and advancing qualifications. Corporate contests for professional excellence and programmes such as ‘Best Leader’ and the ‘Institute of Production Leaders’ have been created for these purposes. New and highly valued programmes are established every year so further work in this area will continue.”

The Company pays close attention to the environmental footprint of its production processes. Energy-saving technologies have been installed at the enterprises and equipment modernisation and environmental monitoring is carried out on a regular basis.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy CEO, COO of Management Company Metalloinvest commented: “Minimising human impact on the environment is one of Metalloinvest’s top priorities. The enterprises utilise the best available technology to increase the efficient use of natural resources. In 2018, we invested 7.2 bn roubles in measures to protect the environment, which is 10 percent higher than the previous year.”

Vladimir Nazarets, Director of the Environmental Department of Ural Steel, commented: “A complex and large-scale production process takes place at our steelmaking enterprise. One of the core aims of Ural Steel’s environmental protection work is the sensible and efficient use of natural resources. Essential aspects of this work include the comprehensive use of natural and material resources, maximum reduction of waste and unnecessary expenditure, and the recycling of waste generated during the production process. It is great that our efforts have been recognised at such a high level.”

All winners were awarded certificates from the Russian Association of Metals and Mining Industrialists, the Russian Metals and Mining Union, and the department of metallurgy and materials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

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