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Metalloinvest gives gift to the Novotroitsk town residents on Steelworker's Day

13 July 2017

A display of graffiti art has been unveiled in the Novotroitsk town square. The project was implemented by a group of Moscow artists in collaboration with Metalloinvest as part of the 'Five Steps to Improve Everyday Life' programme to improve the town's urban environment.

Tatiana Rozhkova, Director of the Social Policy Department of Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: "The Novotroitsk map now has another attraction for locals due to the initiative of Metalloinvest. This is the first urban improvement initiative planned for Novotroitsk this summer. Very soon, we will begin modernisation work on parts of Sovetskaya Street, as well as large-scale repairs on the children's art school, which is a future cultural centre for creativity among children in the Orenburg region."

Steelworker's Day Steelworker's Day

The opening of the graffiti display, dedicated to the endangered flora and fauna of the Orenburg region, was a genuine surprise for the residents of Novotroitsk. Partner artists of the Novaya Zemlya architecture firm, which developed the concept for the park renovation project, were invited to Novotroitsk to create the artwork.

As envisioned by the artists, several overlain multi-coloured lines, symbolising time, run from the park through the main avenue, under an arch to the park square, where they culminate in the form of photorealistic three-dimensional images of the Orenburg region's rare and endangered flora and fauna. These include the wild steppe horse; the gyrfalcon; the Caspian straight-fingered gecko; and Schrenck's tulip. The entrance to the park is also decorated with depictions of these animals and plants.

As part of the initiative, the Moscow artists Nikita Tkachev and Mikhail Mikhailov held master classes on street art and graffiti for young Novotroitsk residents.

Dmitry Bufetov, Deputy Mayor of Novotroitsk for Social Issues, added: "This unique project represents another important step taken by Metalloinvest towards reshaping Novotroitsk's public spaces, in order to improve the quality of life in our town. I am sure that this work of art will delight Novotroitsk residents and visitors alike, and will attract even more people to our revitalised park."

Note for Editors:
At the start of this year, Novotroitsk became part of the monotown development programme and was named a priority development town. Metalloinvest is a member of the management team for the implementation of the Novotroitsk systematic development programme. The Company plans to allocate around 100 million roubles to the programme in 2017, which includes the 'Five Steps to Improving Everyday Life' initiative, as part of its socio-economic partnership agreement with the Orenburg region. In addition, projects in which Metalloinvest participates as part of the partnership are responsible for issues related to the sustainable development of Novotroitsk. The Company has been carrying out the renovation of the town park since 2015. Since then, taking into account the wishes of the town residents, a renovation plan has been developed for the park, which has undergone improvement works. Several hundred new trees and bushes have also been planted with the active participation of local residents and leisure areas have been created within the park. Development work on the park is ongoing.

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