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Zheleznogorsk fountain opens after renovation

13 July 2017

A fountain has been renovated and opened in the Zheleznogorsk town park to mark the anniversaries of Mikhailovsky GOK and Zheleznogorsk. The project was funded by Metalloinvest. Senior members of the Zheleznogorsk administration, members of the Mikhailovsky GOK management team, present and former employees of the enterprise and Zheleznogorsk residents took part in the opening ceremony.

Dmitry Kotov, Mayor of Zheleznogorsk, commented: "The fountain has not been in working order for over fifteen years, and its new life has become possible thanks to the three-party agreement between Metalloinvest and the regional and town administrations. Our work to improve the town is part of the large-scale monotown development programme approved by the Government of the Russian Federation."

Sergey Kretov, Managing Director of Mikhailovsky GOK, commented in a speech to Zheleznogorsk residents: "We have a wonderful green town that we can all call home. This year, Zheleznogorsk and Mikhailovsky GOK are celebrating their 60-year anniversaries. The opening of this renovated fountain is our present to you on this special day and marks the latest step towards making this town even beautiful and more comfortable to live in."

The renovation of the fountain was conducted as part of the social partnership programme between Metalloinvest and the Kursk region, following requests from the residents of the town to Andrey Varichev and Sergey Kretov, who are Deputies in the Kursk Regional Duma. 15 million roubles were allocated to the renovation project, construction work and improvement of the area around the fountain.

The renovated fountain has become the pride of the town and its main tourist site. Tiered water jets and LED backlights create a celebratory atmosphere.

Zheleznogorsk residents happily shared their impressions:

— "The park is the favourite place for the town residents to relax and we bring our visitors here. The fountain, greeting us with its freshness and beauty, adds to the effect."  

— "Thanks a lot for this present. It is good that the town is undergoing improvement works and child-friendly relaxation areas are being set up."

The opening of the fountain was the first step in the large-scale renovation programme of Zheleznogorsk's wooded and park area. Planned projects for the future include pedestrian and cycle paths, areas for families with children to relax, practical spaces for various sports and areas for town holidays, exhibitions and other events.


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