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Best students from Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College once again receive scholarships from Metalloinvest

7 September 2017

Metalloinvest scholarships have been awarded to the best students at Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College, based on their academic results for the first semester. In 2017, the scholarship fund to incentivise mining students whose skills will benefit Lebedinsky GOK (part of Metalloinvest) amounted to around 400,000 roubles.

The scholarship was launched in 2015 and is awarded to the 20 best students of the College on the basis of the current term. Metalloinvest awards each recipient a grant of 10,000 roubles per semester.

Alexander Pleshkov, HR Director of Lebedinsky GOK, commented: "It is impossible to buy knowledge and you cannot make anyone study, but we can support young people's desire to become mining specialists, if the desire exists. We see how it is a welcome boost for students to have their successes acknowledged, and how this encourages them to study even further. When you recognise a Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College graduate among our employees, it becomes clear that all of our efforts have not been in vain. This means that our partnership has to continue, as it brings clear benefits."

Around 1,000 students will study in the new academic year at the Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College in 18 major specialisms, two thirds of which are in demand at Lebedinsky GOK, and it is these courses that young people in Gubkin consider prestigious and with the best prospects.

Kirill Naprienko, a student at Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College and one of the recipients of Metalloinvest scholarships, noted: "Students with sensible priorities who concentrate on their work do not have time for part-time jobs, and so have to make their money count. This is a real gift from Metalloinvest, an encouragement for students to study well and improve their knowledge. Thank you very much for the attention and assistance!"

The longstanding close partnership between Lebedinsky GOK and the Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College is not limited to the Company's scholarships. Students at the college have the opportunity take part in introductory training at the production facilities of the enterprise, the main employer in Gubkin, while teachers can undergo work experience. Currently, major renovation works are taking place at the Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College student accommodation; Metalloinvest has invested ten million roubles in this project. Thanks to Metalloinvest's support, Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College is expanding its range of courses: from this year, welding engineering will be a new specialism offered by the College.

Nikolay Dulkin, Director of the Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College, commented: "The unique resource base that Metalloinvest has provided for us will enable the College to begin training students in welding engineering. In addition, from 2018 we will be able to operate performance review facilities for welders, according to the standards of the National Agency of Welding Control (NAKS). This will enable professional welders to reaffirm their qualifications with minimum disruption to their work. All of this gives us great development potential, thanks to the work of Metalloinvest, the importance of whose support is impossible to overstate."

Students from the Ugarov Mining Faculty of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS also receive support from Metalloinvest. Twice annually, the 15 best students at the faculty receive scholarships from the Company. This year, as part of this initiative to incentivise top students, NUST MISiS has received 300,000 roubles.


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