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Metalloinvest awards Healthy Child programme grants in Zheleznogorsk

8 September 2017

Awards have been given to the winners of the Healthy Child grant competition in Zheleznogorsk. The grant fund amounts to 1.5 mn roubles in 2017.

24 projects were presented at the competition; they were developed by preschool children, healthcare facilities, and community organisations in Zheleznogorsk. The innovative ideas are aimed at reducing illness among children by increasing their physical activity, implementing adaptation programmes, and using technologies to overcome fear, inhibition and aggression among children. This year, the organisers of the programme focused on children with special needs, providing speech therapy and pathology, as well as ophthalmological assistance. For this reason, many project creators based their project on individual approaches to children and the use of unconventional therapy methods.

Olga Bessolova, the expert adviser to the CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, commented at the presentation: "The quality and quantity of projects increases every year. The projects that we have seen have been developed to a high professional standard. In order to increase the performance of our social programmes, we also hold training seminars for programme participants, to which we invite relevant specialists."

Projects which could be replicated by other organisations and require the involvement of parents and the local community were more successful in the competition.

20 projects were victorious, representing three categories: Health Marathon, Moving Borders and Be Healthy.

The Health Marathon category is aimed at improving the health of children of all ages. 12 projects will be implemented from this category: 'Balancing games-ABCs for the brain', at kindergarten #1; 'The Magic Tree', at kindergarten #3; 'Path to Health', at kindergarten #7; 'Road to Life', at kindergarten #12; 'Magic Little Island', at kindergarten #15; 'Little Path to Myself', at kindergarten #16; 'Fantasy', at kindergarten #18; 'Using IT to work with children with speech impairments', at kindergarten #22; 'Little Kangaroo Children's Fitness Club', at kindergarten #24; 'Let's Be Healthy!', at kindergarten #26; 'Helping Children Through Wonderful Games', at kindergarten #28; and 'Moving Towards Health', at kindergarten #30.

The Moving Borders category contained projects aimed at improving the health of children with special needs. Six projects won in the category: 'Land of Speech Games', at kindergarten #8; 'Using hydrotherapy to overcome difficulties with fine motor skills and wrist and finger movements for children with serious speech impairments', at kindergarten #10; 'To the Sandpit on the Other Side of the River' and 'Mental Gymnastics', at kindergarten #14; 'Childhood Without Fear', at kindergarten #19; and 'We're Together', at kindergarten #20.

The 'Be Healthy' category brings together community organisations and healthcare institutions to solve issue related to children's health. Grants have been awarded to the 'We are Together' projects, led by the 'Cliff' community group and 'Being Healthy is Great', organised by the Zheleznogorsk Town Hospital #1.

The 'Helping Children Through Wonderful Games' project at kindergarten #28 aims to boost the use of modern innovative technology in preschool education.

Tatiana Grishkina, Director of the kindergarten at kindergarten #28, commented: "We will purchase an interactive study floor with the grant, which will enable us to hold active psychiatric games and study programmes at the same time. This new teaching method will help new students adapt to the kindergarten and will play a key role in assisting with cognitive and emotional and personality difficulties among older preschool children.

The 'We're Together' project at kindergarten #20 is aimed at providing effective support to children with special needs.

Svetlana Belikov, Senior Teacher at kindergarten #20, noted: "Our new project will enable us to continue our work with children at a higher level. Metalloinvest's support will enable us to use high-performance neuropsychological technologies and improve our therapy work."

Note for Editors:

The Healthy Child programme is implemented in all towns in which Metalloinvest operates. The main aim of the programme is to work with local administrations to create an efficient comprehensive system to improve preschool children's health and to boost the usage of new competencies and social technologies in work with children and their families. Support for healthcare programmes is provided through grants.

Since the launch of the programme, Zheleznogorsk kindergartens have been provided with sensory rooms, multi-purpose playgrounds, and new sports equipment; the Avers-Nutrition information programme has been implemented to improve children's food, and adaptation groups have been opened for children starting kindergarten at an early age.


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