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Zheleznogorsk residents presented with initial results of town park renovation project

5 October 2017

The initial results of the renovation project of the Nikitina Park in Zheleznogorsk have been presented to residents of the town, as well as a vote on which facilities and services will be provided in the modernised park.

The renovation project is being developed on the initiative of the Zheleznogorsk administration with the support of Metalloinvest. Novaya Zemlya, which specialises in comprehensive urban development, is developing the project in partnership with the architecture firm SNOU Project.

Tatiana Rozhkova, Director of the Social Policy Department of Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: "Metalloinvest has good experience of working with Novaya Zemlya on urban regeneration projects in other regions where the Company operates. These results give us confidence that the renovation of the Zheleznogorsk park will be carried out to a high standard and with the wishes of the residents in mind, which is essential."

As part of the development of the project, a list of possible facilities and services was compiled from suggestions made by Zheleznogorsk residents in an online survey. The most mentioned and realistic of these, as well as several facilities proposed by the Novaya Zemlya experts, were put to an open vote.

Each participant, from school children to pensioners, was asked to choose their two preferred facilities in each category: children's leisure, culture, sport, nature and recreation, entertainment, food and services.

The twelve most popular facilities and services, according to the vote, were: a forest adventure park; go karting; an open-air cinema; a dancefloor; a cycle path; a climbing wall; improvement works on the embankment; restoration of the boathouse; rides for adults; specially equipped areas for barbecues; drinking fountains; and a family café.

The results of the survey were not only taken into account by the developers of the project, who are planning out the area and infrastructure of the park, but also Zheleznogorsk entrepreneurs planning to offer leisure solutions to visitors to the park.

Novaya Zemlya will hold consulting meetings with entrepreneurs and various separate groups of park visitors before the end of autumn. These groups will include: athletes, parents; and organisers of cultural events, among others. The meetings will enable all parties together to choose the best solutions for specific facilities in the park, including pavilions for cafés; open-air gyms; children's playgrounds; equipment for open-air stages; and others.


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