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Novotroitsk top students receive Metalloinvest scholarships

10 November 2017

40 top students at the National University of Science and Technology MISiS and forty high-performing students at the Novotroitsk Polytechnic College were awarded Metalloinvest scholarships. Young people received RUB 20,000 and 10,000 respectively for their excellent academic performance and social activity. Evgeny Maslov, Managing Director of Ural Steel, awarded named certificates to top students.

Evgeny Maslov commented: “The plant is operating, developing its production facilities and modernising equipment. We are in demand for qualified technical specialists. It is excellent that our young people are choosing to pursue the difficult but well respected profession of steelworker that has great perspectives. Anyone who was received a Metalloinvest scholarship today has an opportunity to successfully fulfil their potential at the enterprise. Motivation is the key. We are looking forward to welcoming graduates to Ural Steel.

Larisa Kotova, Director of the Novotroitsk campus of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, added: “The partnership between schools, colleges, the university and the enterprise is vital in finding a solution to the important joint tasks of changing attitudes of young people to technical professions, especially those in the steel industry. The teachers and management of schools help students to navigate the world of work and make choices, while we prepare high level specialists for enterprises and particularly for Ural Steel, our main enterprise. Together, we create the right conditions for young and talented youth to stay in our town, receive a good quality education here and receive further employment opportunities."

Vitaliy Osipov, a student at the Stary Oskol campus of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, who received a Metalloinvest scholarship, is confident that his excellent academic record and specialism as an electric power engineer will enable him to join Ural Steel. He noted: “I like this profession; it is sought after and very popular. The additional scholarship from Metalloinvest is a good bonus and it motivates me to achieve even greater academic results.”

Students at Metalloinvest's feeder higher and middle professional educational institutions in Novotroitsk have been receiving scholarships twice a year since 2004, in spring and autumn respectively, based on academic results and activity during the first and the second semesters.

The partnership between Metalloinvest and the industry-specific educational institutions of Novotroitsk is long-lasting. The comprehensive development programme of the Stary Oskol campus of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS takes place with the support of Metalloinvest. Teachers have the opportunity to have practical training at Ural Steel's production facilities, students are given internships and graduates receive guaranteed job offers. Special scholarships are available within a number of programmes. Metalloinvest's scholarship is the largest and longest-running, as the company considers the students its potential future workforce.


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