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Metalloinvest awards prizes to winners of teaching contests

7 March 2018

Three professional teaching competitions in Zheleznogorsk, financially supported by Metalloinvest, have reached their conclusion. Metalloinvest financed the prizes for teachers and the organisation of the competitions.

Emma Naumova, a biology teacher at Lyceum #5, won the 'Teacher of the Year' competition, while Eduard Yakunin, a Russian language and literature teacher at School #13, was victorious in the 'I Dedicate My Heart to Children' further education contest. Two representatives of School #4, Elena Chernukhina, a Russian language and literature teacher, and Natalya Sidorova, a fine art teacher, shared first place in the 'For Ethical Teaching Achievement' competition dedicated to spiritual and moral education.

Emma Naumova commented: "I would like to thank the students at the Lyceum, who demand knowledge and creativity from me every day, and the children at School #3, who helped me get through the hardest stage: an open lesson. Metalloinvest's support has also been very helpful for us."

Eduard Yakunin noted: "A competition represents an opportunity to consolidate the experience that you have gained, and understand what you are doing right and what still needs work. It is great that these competitions are being held and that we have had the opportunity to observe the work of our colleagues at all stages. This is a very good experience."

Marina Salnikova, Head of Zheleznogorsk's education department, congratulating the winners and runners-up, observed that taking part in competitions is an additional incentive to professional growth, improvement, and broadening horizons. By encouraging creativity among teachers and supporting these competitions, Metalloinvest is providing invaluable support to education in Zheleznogorsk.

Sergey Kretov, Managing Director of Mikhailovsky GOK, added: "Mikhailovsky GOK has enjoyed a long partnership with Zheleznogorsk's education department. Metalloinvest's corporate programmes aimed at supporting education in the town constitute our investment in Zheleznogorsk's future and successful long-term development."

As part of its three-party agreement on socio-economic partnership with the administrations of the Kursk region and Zheleznogorsk, Metalloinvest is implementing a wide range of initiatives aimed at increasing the quality of education, and supporting local schools and sporting institutions. The Company has initiated the 'Our Champions', 'Our Future' and 'Healthy Child' programmes. Mikhailovsky GOK has been awarding financial prizes to teachers at the beginning of their careers, and special 'The Calling' prizes to very experienced teachers with distinguished careers.


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