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Metalloinvest allocates over 6 mn roubles to ‘Let’s do it together’ projects

20 March 2018

On 20 March, the presentation of the third town-wide ‘Let’s Do It Together’ competition supported by Metalloinvest took place in Stary Oskol. The programme traditionally covers areas including culture, children’s creativity, the environment and wellbeing, patriotic education, support for social activity among pensioners and social entrepreneurship.

Participation in the competition is open to state and municipal organisations, non-profit organisations (apart from religious and political institutions), active individuals and groups of residents, as well as registered regional civil society bodies. A separate category has been created for school project teams (sixth form and older) which are to be managed by an adult.

The grant fund for the competition, taking place in four towns where Metalloinvest has operations, amounts to 6 mn roubles. The maximum grant amount for active people (or groups of residents) totals 50,000 roubles, with the figure standing at 150,000 roubles for legal entities. Legal entities have to fulfil an additional obligation: no less than 25% of the grant sum has to be contributed by participants (this can be their personal money or funds raised through other means). To obtain a grant, participants have to show that their project would have social significance, apply for the competition and win it.

The competition jury will evaluate projects based on relevance (application for real-life problems), effectiveness (tangible and measurable outcome), transparency (with all stakeholders participating) and sustainable development (the project has to initiate positive changes in the town). The application process will take place from 26 March-16 April at the town internet portal: All additional information about ‘Let’s Do it Together!’ is available at this address, and it is also possible to track implementation of the projects here.

The results of the competition will be reviewed at the beginning of May. The winners will have to implement the projects by the end of 2018.

In 2017, 16 projects were named winners of the ‘Let’s Do it Together!’ competition. The projects include “Breeding colonies of white storks and starlings”, “ ‘Thirty Three’ local basketball association group”, “Discover |Yourself!”, “ ‘Eco-raid’ youth movement”, “RoboLand”, “Open Doors to Creativity”, “Wonders of the Belgorod region at Your Fingertips”, “Living Memory”, “Family leisure zone ‘Sport is open to everybody’”, “Creating the 'Our courtyard’ Mobile Playground”, “Creating the TRAILES park for residents of the Gorodishe village”, “Peaceful border”, “Green light to Green Log”, “Outlines of history’, ongoing interactive graphic exhibition”, “Creation of ‘Quarter M’, a new regional game”, and “Creating the open music ground ‘Music island’ on the grounds of the Fedoseevka children art school, a municipal preschool”.

As the result of the implementation of these projects in Stary Oskol, an open air gym has been created, the first Thirty Three summer basketball tournament has taken place, videos about various sports programmes have been filmed and an ecological clean up quest has taken place. Stary Oskol students have got involved in robotics, master classes in folk art have been organised for children with special needs and visually impaired people have gone on excursions to cultural and spiritual centres of the Belgorod region.

Throughout the summer, children’s parties took place in the town's neighbourhoods, and an interactive space for games and recreation for young people was opened at the centre of youth initiatives. Many additional beneficial and interesting initiatives were also organised. Over the entire 2017 ‘Let’s Do It Together’ programme, supported by Metalloinvest, 32 socially important projects were implemented in Stary Oskol.

Anastasia Savelyeva, Director of External Social Programmes and Non-Financial Reporting in the Social Policy Department of Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: "This year is different in that all applications to the competition are being submitted electronically. Voting will take place on participating projects when they are on the site. The form can be downloaded and completed in advance. On behalf of Metalloinvest, let me wish you every success and good fortune! We will soon see how Stary Oskol will change for the better."

Sergei Grichanyuk, Chief of Staff of the Stary Oskol town administration, observed: "We are grateful to Metalloinvest for the fact that they initiated the 'Let's Do It Together' project, and for their attentiveness to solving the social problems in the towns in which the Company operates. Thanks to the implementation of these programmes, residents of these towns feel needed, useful and happy."

Anatoly Zhvakin, Director of Human Resources and Technologies, added: "'Let's Do It Together' is not only a project that brings together grant givers and grant receivers, this competition has brought together absolutely all residents of the town in which the Company operates, forming a team of like-minded individuals."

Similar presentations marking three years of the ‘Let’s Do It Together’, town-wide social project grant competition are set to take place in Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk, and Novotroitsk, where Lebedinsky GOK, Mikhailovsky GOK and Ural Steel (all part of Metalloinvest) have operations.

Note for Editors:

‘Let’s Do it Together!’ is a town-wide grant competition for socially-oriented projects, initiated by Metalloinvest in all of the towns where it operates. The key focus of the programme is support for grant projects aimed at improving the quality of life in towns, providing town residents access to education, culture and sports, and developing social entrepreneurship.


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