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Step into the future with the support of Metalloinvest

12 April 2018

With the support of Metalloinvest, the 9th ‘Step into the Future’ town festival has taken place with the participation of teachers and schoolchildren of Zheleznogorsk, celebrating creative design and research projects. The awards and gifts for the participants were funded by Metalloinvest.

More than 200 participants submitted 78 individual and group projects for the contest. Schoolchildren competed in nominations in the fields of physical mathematics, natural sciences, philology, social studies and technical work. Teachers submitted their pedagogical, methodological and educational achievements to the contest. In separate nominations, two themes were singled out: ‘Rus’ – Russia – My Homeland’ and ‘Being Healthy is Great!’.

The participants of the first nomination explored the distinctive cultural features of the different nationalities that make up Russia’s multi-ethnic population, as well as those that can be found within the small town of Zheleznogorsk. A group of pupils from the fourth grade of school ¹ 11, under the guidance of their teacher Lyudmila Bondareva, presented the project ‘The Streets Remember Their Names’, telling the story of partisans after whom the streets of Zheleznogorsk are named.

Lyudmila Bondareva said: "Many of the children from our class live on Sentryouva Street, but don’t know who it is named after. Even the parents do not know who he is, yet this man made a huge contribution to the development of the partisan movement of the Mikhailovsky (now Zheleznogorsk) district, to instil a fighting spirit in the people which helped them to fight the fascists. I believe it is very important to ensure that children are interested in this subject. We visited the museum of the Great Oak memorial, the museum of local lore, the library, and searched for information on the internet. Our ‘Oral Journal’ is an album and a presentation which we presented to other children, so that the memory and understanding of the true history of our people is preserved. It is very important that Metalloinvest supports such educational projects."

Sergei Kretov, Managing Director of Mikhailovsky GOK, commented: "There are a lot of talented children in Zheleznogorsk, achieving top results in regional and Russian Olympiads, sports tournaments, and creative competitions. Their support is an important part of the Company's social policy. Together we will grow the future educational and cultural elite of the country – a healthy generation."

Metalloinvest provides systematic support to the education of Zheleznogorsk’s residents. As a result of the Company’s initiative, the creative competitions ‘Zheleznogorsk – the Miner's Glory City’ and ‘Pearl of the KMA’ are held. Metalloinvest also presents quarterly awards to 15 young teachers and 15 talented students in schools and colleges. Support is given to kindergartens, sports facilities, schools and lyceums, as part of the following grant competitions and programmes: ‘Healthy Child’, ‘Our Champions’, and ‘Our Future. The Company acts as co-founder of the town’s professional pedagogical competitions including ‘Teacher of the Year’, ‘Nurturer of the Year’, ‘The Coolest Class’, ‘Biggest Moral Achievement by a Teacher’ and ‘I Give my Heart to the Children.’


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