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Metalloinvest ‘Healthy Child’ programme winners receive awards

5 June 2018

On 5 June in Stary Oskol, the fifth official awards ceremony for winners of the Metalloinvest ‘Healthy Child’ programme took place, for the best projects aimed at improving the children’s healthcare system and boosting the qualification level of specialists working with children.

The programme’s budget in each of the four towns in which Metalloinvest operates amounted to 2 mn roubles. The majority of these funds were allocated in the form of grant support to the implementation of the best healthcare projects. In addition, as part of the programme, funds were provided to conduct expensive MRI scans in Stary Oskol, educational events for participants, and support for non-profit partner organisations in Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk and Novotroitsk.

Irina Druzhinina, Social Programmes Director of OEMK, commented: “It is impossible to overstate the importance of the ‘Healthy Child’ programme. The initiative combines two highest priorities for all of us: health and children. I am grateful to all participants in the programme for developing and implementing their projects aimed at strengthening the health of the younger generation of Stary Oskol residents. May health, happiness and joy flourish in every home, along with the ‘Healthy Child’ programme.”

18 projects won grants from Metalloinvest in Stary Oskol in three categories:

Health Marathon:

  • ‘Training Mental Arithmetic Skills in Children Aged 5-7 at the Pythagoric Mathematics Club Under the Auspices of Dyumovochka Kindergarten #15’;
  • ‘Improving the Development of Fine Motor Skills in Children Aged 1.5-3 by Creating and Operating the Poznavaika Centre Under the Auspices of Malinka Kindergarten #42’;
  • ‘Increasing the Level of Physical Development Among Preschool Children Aged 5-6 at the Krepysh Sports Centre Under the Auspices of Bellflower Kindergarten #2;
  • ‘Chess as a Method of Helping the Intellectual Development of Preschool Children’ at Vishenka kindergarten #46’;
  • ‘Developing Physical Capabilities Among Preschool Children By Training with the Interactive Climbing Wall game system’ at Ladushki kindergarten #69;
  • ‘Developing Creative Capabilities Among Children Aged 4-5 Using Ebru Therapy’ at Mashenka kindergarten #63;
  • ‘Increasing Fitness Levels and Sports Motivation among Preschool Children Using Sessions at the Fitness Mix Sports Club Under the Auspices of Kolosok Kindergarten #65’;
  • ‘Creating and Organising a Project by the Baby Balance Sports Club to Train Coordination and Intellectual Capabilities Among Children Aged 5-6 At Daisy Kindergarten #68’;
  • ‘Developing Physical Attributes for Swimming Training Among Children Aged 4-7 Using Children’s Exercise Machines at Akvarel Kindergarten #15’;
  • ‘Increasing the Level of Physical Attributes of Preschool Children at State Sorokin Golden Key Kindergarten, Using a Sports Pitch’.
  • Moving Borders

  • ‘Developing Construction and Modelling Skills Among Preschool Children, Including those with Disabilities, at the Technodrome Creative Studio at Little Star Kindergarten #11;
  • ‘Increasing Fitness Levels Among Children Aged 4-7 with Motor Alalia and Expressive Language Disorder at Little Smile Kindergarten #22’;
  • ‘Creating the Dances+ Studio Using Aspects of Dancing and Healthcare Aerobics for Children and Parents Visiting the Group Working with Children with Major Speech Impairments, Under the Auspices of Pochemuchka Kindergarten #71’;
  • ‘Working on Pronunciation with Preschool Children Aged 5-7 with Serious Speech Impairments Using Denas Therapy Under the Auspices of Nezabudka Kindergarten #5;
  • ‘Using the Logo5 Developmental Sensory Complex to Develop Psychological Processes Among Older Preschool Disabled Children at Fairytale Kindergarten #21;
  • ‘Creating the Steps to Conversation Alternative Therapy Centre for Mute Children With Complex Impairments Under the Auspices of Solovushka Kindergarten #37.
  • Be Healthy!:

  • ‘Nursing Premature Babies with the Kangaroo Method in the Perinatal Centre of Town Hospital #1’;
  • ‘Magic Salt!’, a sanatorium for children from ‘Nadezhda’
  • Marina Kozhina, Deputy Chief Paediatrician in Town Hospital #1, commented: “Our project, Nursing Premature Babies with the Kangaroo Method in the Perinatal Centre, is dedicated to premature children born underweight, from 500 grams. With the grant from Metalloinvest, we will acquire special transformer armchairs and transformer pillows.”

    As part of the ‘Healthy Child’ programme, Metalloinvest additionally provided a 400,000-rouble grant for MRI scans for children in Stary Oskol.

    In June, Metalloinvest’s ‘Healthy Child’ grants will be awarded in Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk and Novotroitsk.

    Note for Editors:

    The 'Healthy Child' programme is an important aspect of Metalloinvest's social investments as part of the three-party socio-economic partnership between the Company, and the administrations of the towns and regions in which Metalloinvest operates. The main aim of the programme is to create an effective and comprehensive healthcare system for preschool children to reduce the rate of illness. The programme includes the introduction of modern technologies for working with children; increasing the qualifications of specialists, including preschool and healthcare employees; getting parents and civil society more involved in popularising a healthy way of life; organising modern vaccines for preschool children; and updating the financial and technical resource base of gyms and sports facilities in kindergartens.

    'Healthy Child' is implemented in parallel in the four towns in which Metalloinvest operates. The programme was launched in 2011 in Zheleznogorsk and developed in Gubkin from 2013. 'Healthy Child came to Stary Oskol in 2014, and began in Novotroitsk in 2016.


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