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Metalloinvest employees present energy-efficient ideas that could save 147 mn roubles annually

24 December 2018

Metalloinvest has published the results of its VII corporate competition for the best innovative proposal in the field of energy efficiency, which took place as part of the Company’s ‘Factory of Ideas’ contest.

Twelve innovative proposals got through to the finals of the competition: seven from Ural Steel, two from Lebedinsky GOK, two from OEMK and one from Mikhailovsky GOK. When implemented, these ideas can lead to a total annual saving of 147 mn roubles. Within 15 months of the implementation of their ideas, the finalists will receive a one-off reward of 10 percent of the total annual savings brought about by their innovations. Additionally, the finalists will receive: 150,000 roubles for first place; 100,000 roubles for second place; 50,000 roubles for third place; and 10,000 roubles for all other ideas.

The winner from Ural Steel was a group of engineers – Nikolay Maystrenko, Alexander Fuks and Vyacheslav Borisov. They proposed a method of reducing the use of natural gas when drying sludge in the sintering shop. The expected saving after implementing the proposal is 1.3 mn roubles per year.

Yuriy Sukhanov and Olga Sedneva were awarded second place for their proposal to change the construction of filters in order to reduce usage of water at the thermal power plant. It is expected that this innovation will help to save over 1 mn roubles per year.

Sergey Dyakov, Dmitry Nikolayev and Anatoliy Semenkov came third; their engineering design will allow to decrease the time needed to repair the turbine generator and reduce downtime during accidents. This will enable the enterprise to save over 2.8 mn roubles per year.

The projects that were highly valued by experts, but did not make it into the top three, included: Maxim Nikhayev, with his project designed to modify water supply at the water station; Alexey Kurzin, Vladimir Yakushev and Vitaliy Tkach, with their project of modifying the liquid nitrogen gasification system; Vitaliy Babich, with the idea of automating the hot water production system; and Sergey Churilov’s, Viktoriya Smirnova’s and Viktor Sednev’s idea of increasing the temperature of steam at the steam line at the thermal power plant. These projects can annually help to save 14.5 mn roubles.

From OEMK, a group of specialists from the electric arc furnace shop and technical management department were the winners. They proposed to change the methods of preparation of intermediate ladles at continuous casting machines #1- 4 with the lining of refractory pieces in the lining section. The economic benefit of the project during the first year will total over 1.4 mn roubles.

Andrey Kleimenov and Natalya Filatova from power supply unit #1 at OEMK came second. Their proposal is designed to increase the efficiency of the compressor station by introducing a humidification system at the compressor inlet during the warmer seasons. The implementation of this project can save up to 1 mn roubles of energy resources.

The winner from Lebedinsky GOK was Yuriy Ageev, a leading expert of the power supply unit. He put forward a method of quickly restoring technological processes at the pellet plant if it gets halted due to damage made to electrical equipment. It is necessary to shunt the failed current-limiting reactor and put into operation two remaining reactors. This idea will help to save 45.8 mn roubles.

Yuriy Karpov, a leading specialist at the Lebedinsky GOK power supply unit, was awarded second place for his idea to restore energy supply at the substation.

Karpov said: “It is possible to supply substations #138 and #135 from Lebedi, a substation of 300 kW, which is supplied by the federal network company. The implementation of my proposal will allow to increase the reliability of electricity supply and will reduce annual energy related costs.” Implementation of the proposal will allow the enterprise to save approximately 78 mn roubles.

Sergey Pokalenko, Evgeny Demyanenko and Renat Terkulov, a project team from the technological complex at Pellet Plant #3 (PP-3) became winners from Mikhailovsky GOK. They proposed to modernise a pumping station of the circulating water supply, which cools PP-3. This innovation has already been implemented and is expected to save around 1.4 mn roubles per year.

The competition in the field of energy efficiency is an important part of Metalloinvest’s ‘Factory of Ideas’ and has been implemented at the enterprises of the Company since 2011. The implementation of employee ideas enables the Company’s enterprises to receive significant economic benefits and reduce its environmental impact. Over 120 ideas were received during implementation of the competition and 98 of them were recognised as innovative. 57 of these ideas were implemented at the enterprise. Implementation of the additional 35 ideas will take place by 2021.


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