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Metalloinvest’s launches ‘Let’s Do It Together!’ grant competition for 2019

13 March 2019

On 12 March, Metalloinvest kicked off the fourth edition of the ‘Let’s Do It Together!’ grant competition for social projects in Stary Oskol. More than 170 Stary Oskol residents have registered interest in taking part in the project.

The programme aims to result in the development of projects that are educational, scientific, technological, sporting, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, cultural, exploring natural traditions or local history, supporting voluntary movements, improving urban environments, supporting environmental projects, providing patriotic or spiritual education, helping socially vulnerable layers of society, encouraging family values, or supporting motherhood and childhood. A special category, ‘Let’s Do It Together, Again,’ aims to expand and develop the projects which were successful in the grant competition in previous years.

The Fresh View seminar, a presentation outlining the grant competition, was held in Stary Oskol for those who wish to apply for a grant this year. Participants learned how to effectively prepare a high-quality and socially significant project. The seminar was carried out by Egor Kudakov and Oksana Tazhirova, training consultants from the company EVM (St Petersburg) who are ‘Let’s Do It Together!’ partners for 2019. From 25 March to 7 April, they are organising three additional webinar consultations for possible participants in the programme who could not take part in the initial seminar. Alongside this, four webinars will take place in June dedicated to improving the work of those who have submitted a project and could receive a grant.

The terms and conditions for participants of the competition have not changed. State and municipal organisations, not-for-profit organisations (excluding religious and political organisations), individuals and public groups, and registered local organisations for public self-government are invited to take part. Separate categories are designed for school project teams (sixth grade and above) led by adults.

The size of this year’s grant fund across the four towns where Metalloinvest operates, Stary Oskol, Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk and Novotroitsk, is 6mn roubles. The maximum grant size available for individuals or groups is 50,000 roubles, and for legal entities is 150,000 roubles. For the latter, there is one additional condition: no less than 25 per cent of the total grant must constitute an investment from the competition applicant (from owned or raised funds). To receive a grant, one must develop a project with social significance to the town and make a successful application that will win the competition.

Natalia Shaposhnikova, Head of External Social Programmes and Non-Financial Reporting at Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: “The monitoring we have conducted shows that thanks to the ‘Let’s Do It Together!’ programme, life in the towns where Metalloinvest operates has become brighter, more positive and more interesting. This year, we will focus more on educational projects, and we have about 10 events planned. I would like to wish all participants the best of luck!”

Applications to take part in the grant competition will be open from 19 April on the town internet portal There you can find out further information about the ‘Let’s Do It Together!’ programme and follow the progress of projects as they develop. Winners will be announced on 20 May. Projects will be implemented from 1 June to 30 November 2019.

Svetlana Khaleeva, Deputy Head of Social Development for Stary Oskol District Administration, added: “We truly believe that only by uniting the strengths of the business community, citizens and authorities, we can achieve great results and resolve the region’s social problems. Over the last three years, Stary Oskol residents have demonstrated high levels of proactiveness, and 45 kind acts have been realised. We want to thank Metalloinvest for its successful CSR policy which enables us to solve social inequality issues and shine a light on the most proactive and passionate residents who will secure the fate and future prosperity of our region.”

In 2018, 13 projects won grants from the Let’s Do It Together! competition in Stary Oskol: “Creating ‘Green Street’, a Musical Avenue on the Grounds of Children’s Music School #5”; “Pet at Home”; “Publishing the Adapted Book of Rem Melentyev, a Stary Oskol Historian”; “‘Provincial town’, ‘History of Stary Oskol’ for Visually Impaired Readers”; “Launching ‘Creativity is Easy’, an Interactive Mobile Platform”; “Chernobyl is a Heroic Landmark”; “Family Art-picnic”; “Victory Train”; “‘Creating the Mobile Automobile Facility ‘Town of Driving Rules’”; “‘Tram of Health’”; “Creating ‘Unusual Courtyard’, an Artistic Platform on the Premises of the Arts and Crafts Centre”; “Creating the ‘Be an Artist!’ Interactive Creative Space for Children’”; “Creating and Organising a Technical Laboratory for the School of Young Geologists”; “Kindness in Faces”.

The town-wide grant competition ‘Let’s Do It Together!’ will start on 13 March in Gubkin, 14 March in Zheleznogorsk and 22 March in Novotroitsk, where Metalloinvest enterprises Lebedinsky GOK, Mikhailovsky GOK and Ural Steel are located.


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