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The programme operates in: Novotroitsk
This programme in Novotroitsk seeks to inspire a passion for professional education in the young, support young families, and promote a healthy way of life.

The programme was initially set up to improve the urban environment.

Particular attention is devoted to offering support to vulnerable families, offering social workers opportunities to acquire further qualifications, and the application of innovative techniques in social work.

The innovative techniques applied in the programme include the modern support method “case-by-case assistance”, which involves a procedure for early identification of difficult situations and an intervention programme, formation of dedicated specialist team, and a tailored support plan for each case. This support plan is designed to deliver success through efficient intervention and analysis of results.

Key achievements:

  • a 23% increase in the number of children and young adults visiting local children’s clubs;
  • a 36% reduction in the number of children appearing on school and police watch;
  • five times as many events involving parents held each year;
  • a significant reduction (15 times) in the number of people giving up their new-born children.
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Ìinistry of Education, Novotroitsk

Ìinistry of Education, Novotroitsk

Projects Programme Participants:

Eight local community clubs have been set up in Novotroitsk, they run educational and leisure activities for children and their parents. The town suffers acutely from the high percentage of children who grow up in deprived families, as well as parents who have received little education and are detached from the task of bringing up their children, leading to a growth in anti-social behaviour amongst children. This project keeps people active and engaged and encourages both children and parents to take part in creative and sporting activities. The local children’s club serves as a social institution of supplementary education that can solve the most current problems for children and young adults.

Dad for an Hour

This project improves the effectiveness of work with children in the town’s social clubs. Male employees of Ural Steel (part of the Metalloinvest group) are encouraged to work with young people. The method behind the Dad for an Hour project is based on the vital role the father figure plays in the family and society, and his impact on the education of the new generation. The Dads for an Hour engage children in exciting leisure activities outside their homes, and become  positive role models and authority figures for the children, protecting them from negative influences.

The People's District Policeman

This project oversees the regular engagement of the community police officer with social clubs, as well as events involving members of the police force and vulnerable young people, with the aim to foster mutual trust and deter children from breaking the law.

Sport in the Streets

This project has established community football leagues, family sport activities (tennis and volleyball competitions, Papa, Mama, and Me Are a Sporting Family), and friendly competitions between clubs in a whole variety of sports.

Vasilyevsky Island

This project runs a folk-song group, music and sing-along festivals in town regions with the participation of local youth.


This programme seeks to encourage families to keep their newborn babies, preventing domestic abuse, and supporting target families, where the biological parents ultimately decided to keep the child. Specialists run training sessions to foster harmonious parent-child relationships, and events in preschool institutions to encourage early family success and a healthy and safe environment.


Specially trained experts work one on one and in groups with vulnerable young students between the ages of 15 and 18 years to offer social support and counselling. Events organised by the Lifestyle Project include wide games, hikes with vulnerable young people, and visits to the summer educational centre Youth. The project actively carries out informational and educational work to discourage alcohol abuse.


A competition for individual youth projects dedicated to inspire young people in education to create projects using the professional skills they have learnt and to support their future development in their chosen career.


Highly qualified specialists work with people with drug and alcohol dependency to achieve maximum social integration, to develop their life skills, to create a home, where the individual can be involved in social relationships, and to give the power of self-control and the habit of asking for help when it is needed most. The project involves counselling for the adult population, promotion of a healthy way of life to students, and knowledge exchange with established initiatives, amongst other work. Social assistance and counselling is provided to lonely members of the town population and families with children, who find themselves in dangerous or difficult life circumstances, on a case-by-case basis.


This help scheme employs a specialist, trained in the diagnosis of dependency. By developing individual plans for people in the scheme and working together with local institutions and organisations, positive steps are made towards solving the problems of dependency.

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