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Reshaping the future of Metals and Mining Industry for next generation

Maintaining Global leadership in sustainable productions of high quality Iron Ore, Ferrous Metallics and Steel , putting Responsibility and Transparency as core values for building the future

Qualitative Change Strategy is approved to 2032.

The Strategy is based on the fundamental principles of:

  • Quality;
  • Environment
  • Partnership

The Company's strategic priorities are:

  • Increasing sales margins
  • Increasing sales margins
  • Sustainable development

Implementation of the Qualitative Change Strategy is planned in two phases:
Until 2026 - Optimisation of the commodity balance. The goal is to improve margins and ensure sustainable sales in high-margin markets, by matching production capabilities to peak market demand.
Until 2032 - Global leadership. The objective is to consolidate a leading position in the production of high-quality iron ore, metallised and steel products using green technology.

The Strategy entails increased investment in the development of high-quality products.

Key investment and development areas:

In order to achieve the Companys strategic objective, it pursues the following priorities:

  • Improving the quality of iron ore
  • Production growth and pellet quality improvement
  • Production growth and quality improvement of HBI/DRI
  • Reduction in production cost and increase in mining production stability
  • Development of niche steel sales and flexibility of metal production

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