Privacy policy

By subscribing to the electronic mailings via the website of Management Company Metalloinvest LLC at the address, I agree to receive mailings to the email address provided by me upon signing up to the mailings at the web address

I am aware that should I wish to stop receiving mailings from the website of Management Company Metalloinvest LLC at, I am required to independently click on the link «unsubscribe from mailing list» indicated in the message sent by Management Company Metalloinvest LLC from the web address

I am also familiar with the User Agreement set forth below and hereby grant permission to Management Company Metalloinvest LLC to collect, store and process all of my personal details (including name, surname, patronymic and email address) inputt by me on the website of Management Company Metalloinvest LLC, so that I can be kept informed of news and other happenings at Management Company Metalloinvest LLC. I am aware of the rights arising out of the processing of my personal details, and the purposes of the processing and use of my personal details.

Terms and conditions

The current User Agreement regulates the relationship between the User and Management Company Metalloinvest LLC with regard to the mailings the User receives from the website, and defines the order and conditions of receiving mailings from the website

By agreeing to receiving mailings, the User expresses their agreement with the following conditions:

  1. The User is obliged to take the appropriate measures to keep safe his/her email address upon filling in the subscription form requested on the website
  2. If there are any changes to the email address, the User is obliged to make the change without delay, making the corresponding changes in the subscription form on the website.
  3. The User takes full responsibility for any actions, whether done personally or by a third party to whom the User provided the email address, including use of another email address for registration, as well as for any consequences which could lead to or has led to similar use.
  4. Signing up to receive mailings, as well as the actual receiving of mailings, is free of charge.
  5. Management Company Metalloinvest LLC retains the right to, at its own discretion, suspend, limit or reduce access for the User to receive of mailings to which the User is signed up, at any time and for any reason or without giving a reason, with or without prior notification.
  6. The User takes personal responsibility for all information about the email address, which the User inputs in the subscription form on the website, upon signing up to the mailing list.
  7. By inputting data into the subscription form of a mailing list, the User authorises Management Company Metalloinvest LLC to create an archive of copies of the website’s database, which may include registration information of the User, with the aim of collating and storing information presented on the website
  8. Should a User wish to delete their personal details, having unsubscribed from mailings, Management Company Metalloinvest LLC has the right to keep an archive of copies of all personal data of the User.
  9. Management Company Metalloinvest LLC does not take responsibility for any mistakes, omissions, discontinuations, deletions, defects or delays in the processing or transmission of post messages with mailings from the website Management Company Metalloinvest LLC does not assume responsibility for any technical disruptions or other problems of any phone networks or services, computer systems, servers, providers, computer equipment, programme support, disruption of email services or scripts due to technical reasons.
  10. Management Company Metalloinvest LLC retains the right at any time to change the appearance of the website, its contents, list of services, change or add applied scripts, programmes and other assets that are used or stored on the site, or any server applications at any time, with or without prior notification.
  11. Management Company Metalloinvest LLC confirms the secure storage, and undisclosing to third parties, of the User’s personal details provided when signing up to the mailings on the website
  12. Management Company Metalloinvest LLC guarantees that it will not use the email address provided by the User when signing up to a mailings to send out any type of information apart from that to which the User has subscribed.
  13. All information in the current User Agreement is completely confidential, and the User is obliged to observe the confidentiality of all clauses of the current User Agreement in such a way that the User observes the confidentiality of personal confidential information. The User assumes any costs, damages, demands and/or lawsuits by third parties launched against Management Company Metalloinvest LLC, in relation to the violation of the stated confidentiality requirements by the User.

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