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Metalloinvest is the worlds largest mining company by size of iron ore reserves. According to JORC international classifications, the Company develops mineral deposits with proven iron ore reserves of 15.4 billion tonnes, which at current mining levels guarantees about 150 years of reserve life.

Proven and probable ore reserves on a JORC equivalent basis as of 1 January 2021.

Australia 3% of the global reserves
USA 1% of the global reserves
Australia 1% of the global reserves
South Africa 0% of the global reserves
Russia 8% of the global reserves
Australia 2% of the global reserves
Brazil 11% of the global reserves
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BHP Billiton

4.2 bn t

c. 15 years


2.5 bn t


2.8 bn t

c. 20 years


0.7 bn t


15,4 bn t

150 years Company's reserve life

Rio Tinto

3.0 bn t

c. 20 years


14.4 bn t

c. 50 years

Ural Steel
  • A large Russian producer of merchant pig iron, niche steel and finished products output
  • Self-sufficient in electricity supply: up to 50%
Pig iron:
2.7 million tonnes
1.4 million tonnes
  • * The Company's data as of 2019
  • OEMK uses unique technology to produce high-quality steel without the use of a blast furnace; the steel is virtually free from harmful impurities and residual elements
  • Low production costs
4 million tonnes
3.2 million tonnes
3.5 million tonnes
  • * The Company's data as of 2019
Mikhailovsky GOK
  • The largest iron ore deposit in the CIS
Overall reserves:
10.4 billion tonnes
Iron ore:
16.8 billion tonnes
15 million tonnes
  • * The Company's data as of 2019
Lebedinsky GOK
  • The largest plant for the mining and beneficiation of iron ore in Russia and the CIS, producing high-quality iron ore and raw materials
  • The only producer of HBI in Russia and the CIS
Overall reserves:
3.8 billion tonnes
Iron ore:
21.8 million tonnes
9 million tonnes
4.6 million tonnes
  • * The Company's data as of 2019

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