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Lebedinsky GOK

	Lebedinsky GOK
Lebedinsky GOK is the largest plant for the mining and beneficiation of iron ore in Russia and the CIS, producing high-quality iron ore and raw materials.

Lebedinsky GOK is the only HBI producer in Russia and the CIS. Through open-pit mining, the plant develops an iron ore deposit with proven reserves of 3.8 billion tonnes.

The main products produced at Lebedinsky GOK are:

  • Iron ore concentrate;
  • Non-fluxed pellets;
  • Fluxed pellets;
  • HBI.

Production Processes at Lebedinsky GOK:

Production Processes at Lebedinsky GOK


2020 Lebedinsky GOK produces 750 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate.
Lebedinsky GOK increases efficiency of crushed stone production.
2019 Lebedinsky GOK produces its 40-millionth tonne of hot briquetted iron (HBI).
Achieves 99% gas purification efficiency in the production of pellets.
2018 Lebedinsky GOK commended by President of the Russian Federation for its successes in the industry and high production indicators.
Lebedinsky GOK completes second stage of modernising its lighting system.
2017 Metalloinvest has launched its third hot briquetted iron production facility - HBI-3 Plant.
2016 The installation of equipment at HBI-3 is ongoing.
Lebedinsky GOK has brought to market concentrate and pellets with new physical characteristics and composition, increasing the efficiency and ecological sustainability of metal production.
2015 The twenty-five millionth tonne of hot briquetted iron were produced at HBI-1 Plant and the ten millionth tonne of briquette has been produced at HBI-2 Plant. The installation of the main equipment to produce hot-briquetted iron at HBI-3 began. Major repair works took place at HBI-1, resulting in an increase in the units annual HBI production capacity by 22,000 tonnes.
2014 Construction and installation work begun at HBI-3, which will have an annual production capacity of 1.8 million tonnes. This HBI production unit will be the largest in the world.
2013 The main stage of the mining transportation complex modernisation programme began. Installation work and the adjustment of equipment and modular programming was completed as part of the first phase of introducing an automated control system for the mining transportation complex.
2012 Lebedinsky GOK increased its iron ore concentrate drying capacity by 0.9 million tonnes per annum; HBI-2 Plant received equipment upgrades.
2007 HBI-2 Plant commenced production.
2003 Lebedinsky GOK mined its billionth tonne of iron ore.
2001 HBI-1 Plant reached its design capacity.
1982 The second beneficiation plant for concentrate was put into operation.
1975 The pellet plant commenced commercial production.
1972 Iron ore concentrate production began at the beneficiation plant.
1971 The plant was put into operation.
1967 The construction of Lebedinsky GOK was approved.

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