Our People and Careers

Mining Surveyor

A specialist in geodesic measurements, prospecting for economic mineral deposits, and the construction of mining facilities and underground structures.


A specialist in investigating the composition and content of rock fragments in order to locate and prospect for economic mineral deposits.

Drilling Rig Operator

A specialist in servicing and operating the drilling rig.

Excavator Operator

A specialist in servicing and operating an excavator.

Heavy-duty Vehicle Driver

A specialist completing the transportation of loads with heavy-duty vehicles.

Mill Operator

A specialist in overseeing the milling, classification, separation, and screening of materials at the milling plant.

Shaft Furnace Gasman

A specialist in overseeing the technological process of producing metallised pellets in shaft furnaces.

Electric Furnace Steelworker

Metalworker directing the technological process of steel casting in the electric furnace.

Control Room Operator

A specialist in operating the control room for metal working processes, monitoring and control of working speed, and productiveness of plant machinery.

Steel Production Specialist

Employee managing the technological process of steel production.

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