Shaft Furnace Gasman

A specialist in overseeing the technological process of producing metallised pellets in shaft furnaces.

History of the Profession

The role of gasman for the shaft furnace at Metalloinvest emerged with the commissioning of the DRI shop at OEMK in 1983; however, this role had been known outside the Company for a long time. The industrial production of steel from iron ore without the blast-furnace process was developed at the beginning of the 1970s. The widespread use of the process took off a decade later, when natural gas began to be used more widely for the direct reduction of iron ore. OEMK is the first large Russian enterprise to carry out steel production without a blast furnace, and it uses a new steel production technology based on the MIDREX direct iron reduction technology.

The Shaft Furnace Gasman Today

The shaft furnace gasman is first and foremost an industrial engineer, who understands not only the production technology, but also all the equipment in the shop. These specialists not only control the technological process to produce metallised pellets in the shaft furnace, but also detect and correct faults in the functioning of the equipment in a timely manner carring out repairs.
The Metalloinvest shaft furnace gasman works as part of a team whose key task is to efficiently manage the technological process of reducing oxidised pellets in a shaft furnace. These specialists oversee the heating of reaction pipes and the gas purification system, and check the indicators on measuring equipment for the flow and pressure of gas streams. The team react promptly to any inconsistencies in the technological process in order to ensure a product of appropriate quality and the lowest possible intake of raw material and energy.

Knowledge and Skills

Due to the complexity of the technological process of producing metallised pellets, the shaft furnace gasman must possess considerable theoretical knowledge about the removal of sulphur compounds from natural gas, the production of reducing gas and metallised pellets; as well as the physical and chemical properties of natural gases and oxidised and metallised pellets.

Personal Qualities

The working conditions mean that the specialist must maintain good health and physical fitness, endurance, and willingness to work in a team. A gasman must demonstrate a heightened sense of responsibility with regards to the adherence to safety standards and the fulfilment of technological requirements.


A shaft furnace gasmans career advancement depends on the possession of vocational qualifications and ambition. The ability to efficiently meet production targets and promptly resolve complications permits an employee with the right qualifications to become a department overseer. A qualification of higher education and professional ambitions present the opportunity to become a middle or senior level manager.

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