Drilling Rig Operator

A specialist in servicing and operating the drilling rig.

History of the Profession

The development of prospective drilling for minerals is connected with the Swiss invention of the diamond drill bit in 1862, and the American invention of shot drilling in 1899.

The Drilling Rig Operator Today

The drilling rig operator at Metalloinvest works at its mining-beneficiation plants. People with a basic vocational education are taken on for this role. Their place of work will be the open pit. The work is organised into shifts. The drilling rig operator fulfils production targets for the boring of holes necessary for huge explosions in the open pit, and for preparations for the removal of required quantities of the raw material. Nowadays Metalloinvest drilling rig operators work on roller cone drills with a diameter of 295.3311.1mm, mark the drilling location, direct the drilling operation on the basis of geological conditions, complications, and the condition of the drilling rig and equipment, they also undertake technological maintenance of the rig.

Knowledge and Skills

To pursue a successful career as a drilling rig operator, the specialist must understand the correct use of drilling and power-producing equipment, the construction of drilling rigs and towers, and the correct methods of boring and widening holes. The work on the drilling rig requires the ability to assess the technical condition of equipment and carry out necessary repairs.

Personal Qualities

As a drilling rig operator works in the open air, in the freezing conditions of winter and the heat of summer, the work presents a considerable physical challenge. The necessary qualities for successful employment in the role of a drilling rig operator are: good health; physical endurance and strength; good eyesight; developed coordination and fine motor skills; and prudence and quick reactions.


In the course of employment at Metalloinvest a drilling rig operator can work towards further qualifications, and master more and more complicated and productive machinery. The achievement of a certain level of professionalism and experience is a prerequisite for promotion to foreman, and graduation from an institute of higher education is required for promotion to overseer. An employee with the specified characteristics working in a technical-engineering role can be appointed to a managerial role in the Company.

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