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  • Lebedinsky GOK

    The largest plant in Russia and the CIS for mining and beneficiation of iron ore, producing high-quality iron ore and raw materials.

  • Mikhailovsky GOK

    One of the largest in Russia and the CIS plant for the extraction and enrichment of iron ore.

  • OEMK

    Russia's only integrated steel makers, which implemented the technology of direct reduction of iron smelting in electric furnaces.

  • Ural Steel

    Full-cycle, including aglokoksodomennoe, steelmaking and rolling production.

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  • An interview on Kommersant FM with Andrey Varichev at Russian Business Week 2016

  • Coke Oven Battery #6 Launch at Ural Steel («Rossiya 1» TV Channel)

  • Speech by Andrey Varichev at a session of the Russian Government («Rossiya 24» TV Channel)

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