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OEMK reaches milestone of producing 70 million tonnes of metallised pellets

7 February 2019

OEMK, part of Metalloinvest, has reached the milestone of producing 70 million tonnes of metallised pellets (direct reduced iron, DRI). This is the perfect raw material for the production of high-quality steel grades. Metallised pellets are produced through the reduction of oxidised iron ore pellets using heated reducing gas.

The milestone batch was produced by technological team #4, featuring Victor Sekirin, Nikolai Mishenko, Pavel Goncharov and led by Alexander Rudakov.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy CEO, COO, Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: There has been a lot of hard work across OEMK that has helped us get to this milestone production figure. Each employee of the enterprise does everything possible at the enterprise to keep production stable and provide high-quality products. Every year, OEMK has been increasing its delivery of high-quality steel, which is in demand by consumers globally.

In December 2018, OEMKs pelletisation and metallisation plant, which has recently been converted into a factory, celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Andrey Karpeshin, deputy head of the pelletisation and metallisation factory, commented: Our department has a clear strategy to modernise equipment and technically re-equip our production processes. These objectives are in line with increasing the capacity of our metallisation facilities, which are driven by the growing demand for metallised raw materials from the electric arc furnace shop. Significant refurbishment works and technical re-equipping of all four metallisation facilities allowed us to increase productivity by 40 percent.

In 2010, Metalloinvest completed the modernisation of metallisation facility #1 at the pelletisation and metallisation plant. The launch of the modernised metallisation facility #3 took place in 2013, while the modernisation of metallisation facility #4 took place in 2015. In 2017, the technical re-equipping of metallisation facility #2 allowed to increase production of metallised pellets by 200,000 tonnes per year. Currently, the production capacity of the four metallisation facilities is over 3.2 million tonnes per year.

OEMK is the only integrated steel company in Russia that carries out direct reduction of iron and smelting in electric furnaces, which allows for steel production that is virtually free from harmful impurities and residual elements. In 2017, OEMK produced almost 4 mn tonnes of iron ore pellets, 3 mn tonnes of direct reduced iron (DRI) and 3.5 mn tonnes of steel.

In 2018, OEMK produced almost 4 mn tonnes of iron ore pellets (0.2% increase compared to 2017), over 3.2 mn tonnes of metallised pellets (+8.6%) and over 3.4 mn tonnes of steel.

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