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Metalloinvest aims for global leadership in iron ore product quality

9 October 2019

Metalloinvest, a leading global iron ore and HBI producer and supplier, and one of the regional producers of high-quality steel, unveiled plans to produce premium iron ore products at the 15th mining and geological forum MINEX.

The comprehensive development programmes taking place at Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK aim to improve the quality characteristics of iron ore concentrate, pellets and hot briquetted iron (HBI), increasing production while reducing environmental impact, as well as boosting operational efficiency.

Metalloinvest's anticipated investment in activities related to the construction and modernisation of production facilities at Mikhailovsky GOK and Lebedinsky GOK planned before the end of 2024 is estimated at 64bn roubles.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy CEO, COO of Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: Metalloinvest is striving for leadership in the metals and mining industry. Today we have a clear action plan that will ensure we achieve this ambitious goal. We will make a technological breakthrough - our enterprises will become world leaders in the quality of pellets and HBI. Implementation of the development programmes at Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK will open new sales markets for the Company, increase sales margins, and ensure the sustainable development of production with minimal environmental impact - both at Metalloinvest enterprises and among our customers.

Construction of the crushing and conveyor facility at Mikhailovsky GOK continues on the south-eastern and north-eastern sides of the quarry. The first phase of Derrick Fine Screening Technology was launched at the beneficiation plant and implementation of the second phase of the project has begun with the construction of a new building for beneficiation of concentrate at the beneficiation plant using highly efficient equipment. In 2022, Mikhailovsky GOK will have produced approximately 16.9mn tonnes of high-quality concentrate, including 8.8mn tonnes of flotation concentrate with a 70% iron content.

Construction of the crushing and conveyor facility and the new building for beneficiation will enable the use of refractory ores with a high iron content in processing, as well as a reduction in overburden and production costs.

At Mikhailovsky GOKs pelletising unit, pellet plants are being modernised to boost capacity, improve pellet quality and expand the production line of high-basicity pellets.

Derrick Fine Screening Technology was introduced at Lebedinsky GOK beneficiation plant in 2015-2016 and over 15mn tonnes of enriched concentrate with a 70% iron content are produced annually. The enterprise plans to introduce flotation technology to improve the quality of concentrate.

Laboratory research has shown that it is possible to reduce the silica content of concentrate from 2.5-3% to 1.2% using flotation. This enables the production of high-quality pellets and HBI in line with the best international standards. A decision on implementation of the flotation project is planned to be taken in 2020.

A project to reconstruct the pelletising unit at Lebedinsky GOKs pelletisation plant has begun. As a result, productivity of the unit is expected to increase, while the flow rate of gas and electrical energy will be decreased, and the environmental impact will be cut through the installation of electric filters.

There are also plans for the modernisation of the HBI-1 and HBI-3 Plants, with the aim of increasing the productivity of equipment, as well as the carbon and iron content of HBI.

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