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Metalloinvest and JSA Group organise competition to promote digitalisation in production

30 October 2019

Metalloinvest and JSA Group (a subsidiary IT company of Metalloinvest, managed by ICS Holding) have run an innovative technology competition for employees.

The competition was designed to identify potential ideas to improve the Company’s production processes by using digital solutions.

Over 120 JSA employees, who work at Lebedinsky GOK, Mikhailovsky GOK, OEMK, Ural Steel and at Metalloinvest’s Innovation Centre, participated in the contest. The jury, represented by the management teams of Metalloinvest, JSA Group and Accenture, which consults the Company on digital solutions, selected 16 projects for awards across various categories. Over the two days that the contestants spent in Moscow, experts from Metalloinvest, JSA and Accenture ran presentation workshops for them and assisted with preparing their presentations.

Andrey Fomin and Vladimir Moiseyev (OEMK) won the competition with their project “Neural Network Control System for Reliable Development of Packages at OEMK’s Rolling Unit #1”. The project aims to launch automated technology, which, by using machine vision based on neural networks, helps recognise finished products in order to prevent ‘mixing’ of metal in the package (billets available from other shipments).

Second place was awarded to the project “Intelligent Dispatch System for Ore-Transport Operations at the Enterprise” by Vladimir Alekhin and Sergey Lemekhov (Lebedinsky GOK). The project was designed to automate and streamline data acquisition, processing and storage for mining and transport operations.

Third place went to Yevgeny Prokhorov (Innovation Centre) and Alexander Plutakhin (OEMK) with the project “Metalloinvest Employee Passport”. The goal of the project is to combine and optimise available services, increase transparency at work, and boost employees’ mobility.

Yulia Shutkina, Vice President of ICS Holding, explained: “One of the priorities of ICS Holding is employee development. We strive to provide career opportunities for the most talented employees and create potentially breakthrough start-ups within the Company, rather than just investing in research and development on its own. A similar approach has been taken by many fast-growing IT firms. For example, Google had a rule that allowed employees to allocate 20% of their working time to their own projects. This resulted in the creation of services such as Gmail and AdSense. The innovation competition is currently open to JSA Group employees, however, having successfully tested the format, we will expand it to other Metalloinvest enterprises in the future.”

Oleg Laktyushin, Director of the IT department at Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: “The world is changing rapidly, and the future is already here. When implementing innovation and developing employees’ skills, the most important thing is being prepared to work on unusual challenges and understanding that change is essential. Our competition appeals to exactly those types of people – drivers of change, who are moving our Company forward.”

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