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Metalloinvest allocates 250 mn roubles to the upgrade of a hospital in Zheleznogorsk

1 June 2020

Metalloinvest has allocated 250 mn roubles for repairs and re-equipping of Zheleznogorsk Town Hospital (ZTH).

Metalloinvest funded the building of a dedicated hospital for coronavirus patients at ZTHs facilities, which included building repairs and the purchase of sanitary transport, medical equipment and personal protective equipment for staff.

The Company also provided funds for the overall repair and renovation of ZTH. The goal of the project is to drastically improve healthcare quality for Zheleznogorsk residents.

On Friday, Roman Starovoit, Governor of the Kursk Region, Julia Mazanova, Social Policy and Corporate Communications Director of Management Company Metalloinvest, and Dmitry Kotov, Mayor of Zheleznogorsk, witnessed in person the progress of the re-equipping works at the hospital.

Alexey Filatov, Chief Doctor of Zheleznogorsk Town Hospital, briefed the guests on the operation of the new 60-bed coronavirus hospital.

The modern oxygen equipment at the infectious diseases department will enable the timely assistance for patients withmoderate coronavirus symptoms and community-acquired pneumonia cases. Patients with various forms of respiratory difficulties, who previously would have been transferred to regional hospitals, will now also be treated at ZTH.

An intensive care unit has been set up, equipped with ventilators, monitors, syringe pumps, defibrillators and other necessary medical equipment.

All security measures have been taken into account: entrances and exits have been reorganised in an airlock configuration while new access routes to facilitate social distancing for people and food deliveries have been introduced.

Roman Starovoit, Governor of the Kursk region, commented: "Metalloinvest makes a significant contribution to the development of healthcare in the region. As a reliable partner, the Company has lent a helping hand in these difficult conditions. Their support is immense. By working together, we will be able to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Julia Mazanova, Social Policy and Corporate Communications Director of Management Company Metalloinvest, said: "Protecting our employees and the residents of the towns where we operate is a priority for Metalloinvest. We support medical institutions in the towns and regional centres where our employees are receiving treatment. We believe that these measures will not only help to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic but will also improve the effectiveness of the healthcare system in the long-term. We are doing all we can to ensure that Zheleznogorsk Town Hospital becomes a modern institution following medical best practice.

Alexey Filatov, Chief Doctor at Zheleznogorsk Town Hospital, said: We are grateful to the Kursk region administration for promptly organising the repair and re-equipping of our hospital to increase the availability of beds at Zheleznogorsk Town Hospital, and for resolving issues relating to the remuneration of doctors, paramedics and nurses. All facilities acquired for the new hospital will remain in the hands of the hospital. Once the epidemiological situation returns to normal, the new facilities will be used to diagnose and treat other illnesses. The quality of healthcare will improve as the town now has its own facility for oxygen treatment where patients in need will be able to receive care.

A further 20 doctors, 30 nurses and 17 ward maids will begin working at the hospital on 1 June. Three round-the-clock doctor positions and four nurse positions will be established, in addition to those working five days per week.

Incentive payments will be provided to all staff involved in providing medical care to patients with COVID-19 in the Kursk region, funded by federal and regional budgets.

Creating the hospital in Zheleznogorsk is part of Metalloinvests comprehensive programme to support the towns medical institutions in the amount of 2 bn roubles.

The programme will help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and will expand the long-term capabilities of the healthcare system in the regions where the Company operates.

The programme covers medical organisations from Stary Oskol, Gubkin (Belgorod region), Zheleznogorsk (Kursk region) and Novotroitsk (Orenburg region), as well as from regional centres and nearby towns (Kursk, Belgorod, Orenburg and Orsk).

As part of the programme, Metalloinvest is allocating a total of 600 mn roubles to support healthcare in the Kursk region.

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