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New 240-tonne BelAZ truck commences work at Mikhailovsky GOK

15 January 2021

A new 240-tonne BelAZ dump truck has begun operating at Andrey Varichev Mikhailovsky GOK (part of Metalloinvest). It is being used for the transportation of mined rocks to transhipment points and to the crushing and conveyor facility.

This is the third truck of such capacity at the enterprise. In the next few weeks, another similar heavy-duty truck is due to commence work. The trucks are purchased as part of Metalloinvest's investment programme to develop the mining transport division, which aims to renew the fleet and transition to high-capacity machinery.

Victor Kuznetsov, Head of the Operations Unit of the Motor and Tractor Department at Mikhailovsky GOK, commented: "Compared to 220-tonne trucks, the new BelAZ trucks can transport 600 tonnes more per shift and 30,000 tonnes more per month. In addition to dump trucks, excavators with 18-20 cubic metre buckets are being purchased, providing an optimal balance between the volumes of the vehicle body and the excavator bucket.

The AntiSon safety system is being implemented as a pilot project in the new vehicle. Cameras in the drivers cabin record the driver's facial expressions, eye movements and head-turns, and if signs of fatigue or drowsiness are identified, an audible signal is emitted. Based on the results of the pilot, a decision will be made regarding implementing the system on other quarry equipment.

The truck's engine power has been increased by 200 horsepower, enabling it to overcome uphill gradients with greater ease. Front suspension components, steering rods and ball joints are strengthened, providing stability on the road and a smooth ride. The trucks body is equipped with a large front visor, which completely covers the technological platform and the cabin from falling rocks. The BelAZ truck is equipped with modern automatic fire extinguishing, tyre pressure monitoring and video surveillance systems. An on-board computer monitors all of the trucks operating parameters.

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