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Metalloinvest invests 450 mn roubles in the sustainable development of the Orenburg region in 2021

2 February 2021

Metalloinvest, the Government of the Orenburg region and the administration of Novotroitsk have signed a socio-economic partnership programme for 2021.

The document was signed by Denis Pasler, Governor of the Orenburg region, Nazim Efendiev, CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, and Dmitry Bufetov, Mayor of Novotroitsk, during a working visit to Ural Steel.

The parties will invest a total of 717 mn roubles as part of the SEP in 2021, with Metalloinvest contributing 450 mn roubles, the Orenburg region contributing 212 mn roubles and Novotroitsk – 55 mn roubles.

The Governor said: “This year marks 10 years since the start of the socio-economic partnership between the Orenburg region, Metalloinvest and Novotroitsk. Throughout these years, Metalloinvest has remained our reliable partner, while the Company’s social investment in the region has grown regularly. Thanks to this synergy, we have been able to implement many significant infrastructural projects in the field of health, education, urban environment, and sport. Today we are signing a programme for 2021, which includes both new projects and continues those already started. This sees the prosperous cooperation for the benefit of Novotroitsk and the whole Orenburg region continuing.”

Nazim Efendiev, CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: “Metalloinvest is one of the largest taxpayers in the Orenburg region, contributing over 1.4 bn roubles in taxes and levies to the region's consolidated budget in 2020. We are continuing to work together with the regional government and the town of Novotroitsk under the SEP programme, and we have many ambitious plans ahead of us. With each passing year, Novotroitsk should become a more comfortable and modern town, where one wants to live, work and raise children.”

Dmitry Bufetov, Mayor of Novotroitsk, added: "A huge thank to the management team of Metalloinvest for their ongoing assistance and active participation in the town’s life. The Company is a reliable and proactive partner that helps us to promptly address our town residents’ current issues.”

The major part of Metalloinvest's contribution will be directed towards reconstruction and infrastructure development in Novotroitsk.

The largest project, worth 50 mn roubles, is the renovation of residential facades on Sovetskaya Street.

Metalloinvest is also investing 200 mn roubles in reconstructing of the water treatment system and renovating the facade of the “Volna” swimming pool, renovating the Metallurgists Culture Centre, improving the public gardens at the former Ekran Cinema, building a multifunctional sports facility and installing bus stops. Metalloinvest will also finance the construction of pedestrian crossings near schools and on dangerous roads, the purchase of municipal equipment and a number of other projects.

This year, design documentation will be developed for numerous significant town facilities awaiting reconstruction next year.

The Company will provide support to Ural Steel’s core educational institutions, namely the Novotroitsk branch of NUST MISiS and the Novotroitsk Polytechnic College, as well as to FC Nosta.

The implementation of corporate programmes aimed at regional development, including ‘Let's Do It Together!’, ‘Healthy Child’, ‘Respond!’, ‘Our Champions’ and others, will continue.

Funds allocated by the Orenburg regional government will be used to develop Novotroitsk's transport infrastructure, to improve the children's playground at Maria Koretskaya Street as well as residential courtyards, and other projects.

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