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Metalloinvest to invest 2 bn roubles toward the sustainable development of the Belgorod region in 2021

17 February 2021

Metalloinvest and the Government of the Belgorod region have signed a socio-economic partnership programme for 2021.

The document was signed by Nazim Efendiev, CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, and Vyacheslav Gladkov, Acting Governor of the Belgorod region.

The parties will invest a total of 5.5 bn roubles as part of the SEP in 2021, with Metalloinvest contributing 2 bn roubles and Belgorod Region contributing 3.5 bn roubles.

Vyacheslav Gladkov, Acting Governor of the Belgorod region, said: "The new programme is unique in that the majority of funds will be invested in the development of two territories of the Belgorod region, specifically Stary Oskol and Gubkin. This is where Metalloinvest's Lebedinsky GOK and OEMK employees live and work. It is very important for me, as head of the region, that all its towns should be vibrant, distinctive and experiencing active development. That's why I share this vision and approve of it. The programme pays significant attention to the development of sports, education, and spiritual and ethical education projects. This year, we agreed with Alisher Usmanov to start building an education centre in Stary Oskol. Based on best practice and the best educational programmes, we want to create the country’s leading school. In addition, to meet the high demand from residents for high-quality urban environments, many improvement projects will be implemented. These will be the projects that the residents themselves have been waiting and wishing for. I am sure that during this year, our towns will greatly change! It will be a qualitative leap in development."

Nazim Efendiev, CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: "Lebedinsky GOK and Andrey Ugarov OEMK are among the largest taxpayers in the Belgorod region, contributing almost 17 bn roubles in taxes and levies to the region's consolidated budget in 2020. Metalloinvest is also a reliable partner in the development of social infrastructure in the region and the Company's cooperation with the Belgorod Region as part of the SEP is now in its 10th year. A lot of work has been accomplished in this time. We are proud that with every year our towns become more modern, attractive and comfortable for living. This is our strategic goal.”

A significant portion of Metalloinvest's contribution will be used to create a comfortable urban environment and to support sports, education and healthcare.

Metalloinvest continues to support medical institutions in the towns where it operates. As part of the SEP in 2021, the Company will allocate more than 250 mn roubles to purchase equipment for the St. Luke of Crimea Stary Oskol Regional Hospital, the Municipal Children's Polyclinic #3 in Stary Oskol, Gubkin Central Regional Hospital and Gubkin Municipal Children's Hospital.

In Stary Oskol, refurbishment of the Oskol River embankment and improvements works at Pobedy Park will continue, with the Company allocating over 150 mn roubles towards these.

Based on the results of voting by residents of Stary Oskol, a project to improve the Oskolets River embankment will be launched.

Design work will begin for the new education centre.

260 mn roubles will be allocated to renovate schools and kindergartens in Stary Oskol, including Svetlana Ugarova School #3, School #6, Kindergarten #40 for children with disabilities and Kindergarten #29.

The funds will also be used to develop the city's sports infrastructure. Hockey and figure skating departments will be opened, and the "Rugby for Children" project will receive support.

120 mn roubles will be allocated toward the improvement of residential courtyards in the north-eastern part of Stary Oskol.

Children's playgrounds and sports grounds will be installed in in areas of single-household developments and in rural areas.

An important element of creating a comfortable urban environment in Gubkin will be the construction of a swimming pool. This project will be implemented at the initiative of local residents and supported by the Acting Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. This year Metalloinvest will direct 150 mn roubles toward the development of design documentation and the start of construction work.

The Company is also investing in the creation of recreational facilities, including a dry fountain in the Chudo-Yudo-Grad park, a skate-park in the Lebedi neighbourhood, and the installation of outdoor sports facilities and children's playgrounds.

The town beach in Gubkin will be renovated in response to numerous requests from residents.

Works will also be carried out to design modern public spaces, including a town park and a pedestrian zone around the square on Lazarev Street. The implementation of these projects is scheduled for next year.

The company will also support the ‘Blue Cat’ project to support children with mental disabilities. This project, like ‘Rugby for Children’ in Stary Oskol, was initiated by participants in Metalloinvest's 'Let's Do It Together' grant competition.

Support will be provided to leading specialised educational institutions – the branches of NUST MISiS and the Gubkin Mining and Polytechnic College.

In both Stary Oskol and Gubkin, the following corporate programmes will continue to be implemented: ‘Let's Do It Together!’, ‘Healthy Child’, ‘Women's Health’, ‘Our Change’, ‘Our Champions’, support for seriously ill children together with the Rusfond charity, "Make the World Brighter!",’Zhelezno!’ educational and career guidance centre and ‘Respond!’.

The Government of the Belgorod region will direct over 2 bn roubles towards developing roads and transport infrastructure and towards building, reconstructing and overhauling social facilities in Stary Oskol. It will also allocate over 800 mn roubles for similar activities in Gubkin.

In Stary Oskol, an overhaul of storm sewers on Pryadchenko Street and Proletarskaya Street is planned, and a war memorial dedicated to local heroes will be reconstructed.

In Gubkin, Secondary School #7 will be overhauled, while projects for the construction of a children's art school, a wedding ceremony centre and outdoor lighting networks will be implemented, along with a number of other projects. The Belgorod region will also finance improvement works for the town beach at 57 mn roubles.

In total, the Belgorod regional government will allocate more than 1.4 bn roubles for the development of social infrastructure in Gubkin as part of the SEP.

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