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Metalloinvest presents industrial tourism project at Mikhailovsky GOK

5 July 2021

Metalloinvest presented an industrial tourism project for Andrey Varichev Mikhailovsky GOK at the National Industrial Tourism Forum. The Company plans to welcome the first tourists in September 2021.

The ‘KMA Attraction - Prospects for Industrial Tourism Development’ business session organised by Metalloinvest was attended by Roman Starovoit, Governor of the Kursk region.

Roman Starovoit noted: “Our region has rich history and traditions, and it is famous for its many attractions. Industrial tourism will allow Kursk residents and visitors to learn about the activities of the region’s leading enterprises, it will increase career guidance work and help to attract promising talent. Mikhailovsky GOK is one of the most interesting production facilities, it acts as a business card for the entire Kursk region.”

Julia Mazanova, Deputy CEO for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications of Management Company Metalloinvest, said: “Industrial tourism is part of Metalloinvest's comprehensive approach to regional development. We see that people's requirements for the socio-cultural environment they live in are constantly increasing. Industrial tourism will serve as a driver for regional infrastructure, the hospitality industry, small and medium-sized businesses, and the town’s overall atmosphere. It will also stimulate the creation of new cultural and economic partnerships.”

Anton Zakharov, Managing Director of Mikhailovsky GOK, added: “We will tell our guests about the history of the deposit’s development, the advanced technologies that are being implemented at the production facilities, and our iron ore products. Discovering the work of the GOK will help schoolchildren and young people choose their future profession. “A visit to Mikhailovsky GOK, which is interesting in its own right, will also be part of a larger tourist route in the Kursk region, which will include the Military Glory Monuments, the Sviridov House Museum, the Farmstead Museum of Alexander Fet, Korennaya Pustyn Monastery, and other attractions.”

Mikhailovsky GOK has developed tour packages for guests of various ages. As part of the ‘Iron Ore from A to Z’ children's tour, children will visit the museum of the enterprise’s history and see the iron ore open-pit mine.

The main adult route 'Ore - the Birth of Metal' will be complemented with a visit to the pelletising unit, where tourists will learn how pellets are made and have lunch at the miners' canteen.

The short route ‘The Heart of the Quarry’ will start with at the museum, continue at the observation deck of the open-pit, and finish at the Chicory Centre for Contemporary Art.

In the longer term, weekend programmes for children, students and adults are being planned, which will include a tour of Zheleznogorsk in addition to a visit to the production facilities.

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