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Metalloinvest receives an award from the Russian Government for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies at Pellet Plant #3

16 December 2021

Metalloinvest has received an award from the Russian Government in science and technology for the development and implementation of an environmentally friendly, innovative, and energy-saving technology for the production of high-quality iron ore pellets in the creation of Pellet Plant #3 at Mikhailovsky GOK.

The award was presented by Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin to Nazim Efendiev, CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, at the Government House of the Russian Federation.

Nazim Efendiev said: Mikhail Mishustin, I would like to express gratitude on behalf of the team that implemented this project. This is the achievement of the teams at Mikhailovsky GOK, process engineers at Uralmashplant, and TOREX. We are proud that this is the first pellet plant created in modern Russia. We have proven to the world that we have the technologies to create highly efficient and environmentally friendly pellet plants. Today, PP-3 produces premium pellets for metallisation, which serve as raw materials for low-carbon steelmaking.

Award winners also included Pavel Puzakov, Chief Engineer at Mikhailovsky GOK; Sergey Pigarev, Head Metallurgist; Anatoly Lavrinenko, Chief Researcher at the Melnikov Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources; Andrey Solodukhin, CEO of TOREX; Vladimir Bragin, Technical Director; Andrey Ugarov, former First Deputy CEO, COO of Management Company Metalloinvest; Sergey Kretov, former Managing Director of Mikhailovsky GOK; and, Dmitry Sharkovsky, former Head of the Technical Department of the plant.

Pellet Plant #3, launched in 2015, became one of Metalloinvests largest investment projects.

According to the main indicators, PP-3 surpasses Russian and foreign counterparts. Its electricity consumption of 36 kWh per tonne of finished product is at the level of leading global practices and its natural gas consumption is 10% lower than that of its counterparts.

The capabilities incorporated in the design and construction of PP-3 have made it possible to exceed the project parameters during subsequent modernisation. The capacity of the machine was increased from 5 million tonnes to 5.5 million tonnes per year. Natural gas consumption was reduced by another 10%.

With the commissioning of PP-3, 604 new jobs were created at Mikhailovsky GOK.

The design and technological solutions of PP-3 are used to upgrade the pellet plants at Lebedinsky GOK - another Metalloinvest enterprise, and two Vale enterprises.

The Russian Governments award in science and technology was established in 1994. It is awarded annually for the development and creation of new technologies, equipment and materials, making a significant contribution in increasing the efficiency of the real economy, as well as solving ecological and environmental protection issues.

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