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Occupational health and safety representatives at Ural Steel named best in Orenburg Region

15 April 2020

Three trade union representatives for occupational health and safety at Ural Steel (part of Metalloinvest) have reached the final of the second stage of the industry competition ‘Best Representative for Occupational Health and Safety of the Mining and Metal Manufacturing Trade Union of Russia’ in the category ‘Metal Manufacturing’.

The finalists – Alexey Ivanov, Process Engineer in the metal construction workshop; Alexander Oleynik, Refractory Technician in the equipment repair and assembly workshop; and Tatyana Malykh, Electromechanical Engineer in the central electrical engineering laboratory – received their awards at the trade union committee of Ural Steel. All three are experienced as representatives for occupational safety at the plant. Among the criteria taken into account in the competition were the number of inspections conducted and proposals made on identified safety violations, and awareness raising work in the plant’s divisions.

Ivan Filippov, Chairman of Ural Steel’s trade union, commented: “We have participated in the competition and won at the regional level numerous times. This year the format of the event has changed as the competition has opened to the whole country, and the number of participants and level of complexity have increased accordingly. Among sixteen applicants, we selected the best three and they reached the final. We took all the prizes! So the trade union representatives for occupational safety at Ural Steel turned out to be the best in the Orenburg region in the ‘Metal Manufacturing’ category.”

The competition is aimed at increasing representatives’ activity and promoting best practices to reduce work-related disease or injuries. The competition is held in three stages: the first involves selection at the enterprise level, the second is at a regional level, and the third on a national level, in which the best representatives from all regions of the country will take part.

At the All-Russian stage, Ural Steel will be represented by Alexey Ivanov, leader in the regional stage. The process engineer works closely with the team and management, reacts promptly to identified shortcomings, and makes rationalisation proposals to improve working conditions.

Alexey Ivanov, Process Engineer at Ural Steel, said: "I have always been interested in the topic of occupational safety. And now I’m in my fifth year as the trade union representative for occupational safety. Today the ‘Idea Factory’ support and rationalisation proposal programme is in place at Ural Steel, through which one can suggest best practices in the field of occupational safety. There are opportunities for improvement in my workshop and management is sympathetic to my proposals and supports me in implementing them."

In a large metal manufacturing enterprise, maintaining occupational safety at a high level is not an easy task, but one that can be successfully implemented thanks to a well-structured effort. Special attention is paid to the safety of employees at all of Metalloinvest’s enterprises.


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