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Metalloinvest announces results of the fifth grant competition “Let’s Do it Together!”

11 June 2020

Metalloinvest has selected the winning projects of the fifth  ‘Let's Do It Together!’ grant competition. This year, 97 projects were awarded grants from a total of 227 applications submitted by organisations and groups of active local residents from four towns where the Company operates.

The awards ceremony took place on 2 and 3 June for each town respectively. All events were held online.

The concept of the competition changed in 2020, with the 'Let's do it Together!' and 'Healthy Child' grant programmes being combined into one. The prize fund of the competition, which is held in Stary Oskol, Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk and Novotroitsk, was doubled to 12 mn roubles.In evaluating the projects, the competition commission considered them against the criteria of relevance, effectiveness, openness and partnership development.

This year, proposals focusing on development in the areas of education, culture and sports were the most popular. The top categories were ‘Opening borders’ (84 applications), ‘Cultural cluster’ (41 applications) and ‘PRO Sport’ (31 applications).

Projects such as ‘Crazy racket - you're in the game!’, ‘Preparing young footballers’, ‘#Sport is the rule of life!’ and ‘Marathon of unlimited opportunities’, among many others, were dedicated to the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles.

Several projects are aimed at the holistic development of children and young people, including those with disabilities. These featured the international young people’s programme ‘Open space technology’, ‘Museum in a suitcase – the history of one exhibit’, ‘#WeAreMentallyAware’ for the creation of inclusive workshops for children with autism, ‘Children’s reading’ for the creation of a children’s library channel on YouTube, and ‘City of artisans’.

Projects, such as ‘Rediscover your homeland’ and ‘Regional artefact’, are aimed at studying the traditions and cultural heritage of the towns where the Company operates.

All winning projects will be implemented in the near future with Metalloinvest’s financial support.


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