Managment Systems

The Quality Management System (QMS) of all of Metalloinvests enterprises  Lebedinsky GOK, Mikhailovsky GOK, Ural Steel and OEMK is certified under ISO 9001.

The certified QMS confirms the fact that Metalloinvests enterprises supply high-quality products, which meet customer requirements.

Additionally, in accordance with the requirements of international rules and standards, the production of the following elements was approved: continuous casting for shipbuilding, plate rolling of shipbuilding grades of steel for the construction of sea vessels, mobile offshore drilling units and fixed offshore platforms.

Rolled steel production at Ural Steel in line with EN 100252.3 standards was certified in accordance with the requirements of EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (which replaced Directive 89/106/EWG).

In addition, rolled steel production at Ural Steel is certified in accordance with European Directive 97/23/EG for devices operating under pressure, and Technical Regulation D 2000 W0.

The Environmental Management System (EMS), certified by ISO 14001, is used in order to ensure effective environmental management and environmental safety at the company.

The plant also has a labour protection and industrial safety system compliant with the requirements of OHSAS 18001.

Metalloinvest was the first among Russian metals and mining companies to certify its Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2005. This is the only international standard that specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented ISMS. The scope of the ISMS certification incorporates a key business process: the consolidation of financial statements, including international and management accounts.

Document Download
Quality Standards Policy Lebedinsky GOK (Rus) (651.81 Kb)
Ecology Policy Lebedinsky GOK (Rus) (430.07 Kb)
Quality Standards Policy Mikhailovsky GOK (Rus) (5.26 Mb)
Quality Standards Policy OEMK (Rus) (1.61 Mb)
Ceritificate of Quality Assurance System at OEMK in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and AD 2000-Merkblatt W0 (3.5 Mb)
Quality Standards Policy Ural Steel (Rus) (204.07 Kb)
Declaration of Performance (Rus + Eng) Ural Steel (12.33 Mb)
Declaration of Performance (Rus + Ces) Ural Steel (11.95 Mb)
Declaration of Performance (Rus + Slk) Ural Steel (11.93 Mb)
Declaration of Performance (Rus + Pol) Ural Steel (12.58 Mb)
Declaration of Performance (Rus + Hun) Ural Steel (12.14 Mb)
Health, Safety and Environment Policy (Rus) (2.54 Mb)

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