Social Support for Employees

Social Support for Employees
A competitive wage, safe working conditions, high level of production automatisation, holidays, and employee healthcare are central to the Company's stability.

One of the factors ensuring the success of Metalloinvest’s social responsibility policy is The Collective Agreement. The agreement guarantees the rights of employees to safe working conditions, holidays, treatment at health resorts and recovery clinics, compensation for hazardous working conditions, support in difficult life situations, and other benefits. A significant event of 2013 was the successful campaign to develop new collective agreements for 2014-2016 in all Company’s enterprises.

Priority social responsibility programmes:

1. Treatment and recovery for employees and their children:
Each year, the Company awards vouchers to health resorts in Russia to approximately 10,000 employees.

2. Social support for families:
The Company devotes much attention to the children and families of its employees: financial support is available for mothers, large families, and employees on paternity and maternity leave for up to three years. Children benefit from presents during festivities and holidays, they receive healthcare and are given the opportunity to partake in various cultural and sporting events.

3. Support for veterans and pensioners:
Company enterprises offer social support to their retired former employees by providing monthly payments, gifts to celebrate birthdays, prizes in honour of Steelworker's Day and Victory Day, as well as targeted financial assistance for healthcare and to relieve difficult life circumstances. A corporate pension scheme is being developed with the intention of building pension funds through employer and employee contributions.

4. The creation of social facilities:
The Company owns over 20 social establishments, including health centres, holiday resorts, children’s camps, and sport, cultural and catering facilities. Metalloinvest organises regular sporting, cultural, and health events, aimed at raising the living standards for employees and their families, as well as former employees (pensioners).

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