Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection
Metalloinvest's environmental policy seeks to identify optimal technological solutions that allow it to minimise the impact of production operations on ecosystems in regions, in which the Company’s enterprises are located.

The use of the latest scientific advances and most up-to-date mining and processing technology, while also employing strict environmental controls, allows it to conduct its business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Significant work is undertaken at Metalloinvest enterprises to protect the environment. The Company’s production facilities introduce energy saving technologies, update equipment and carry out regular monitoring of ecological impact.

The Company’s key environmental principles are:

  • compliance with all the environmental requirements and standards set down by current legislation;
  • improving the environmental indicators of the Company’s production processes;
  • taking into account environmental requirements of the Company’s investment policy, when reconstructing and developing the production facilities;
  • regular monitoring of the impact of the enterprises’ production activities on the environment.
  • rational and efficient use of natural resources and waste disposal;
  • regular training, awareness building and generating interest amongst employees in dealing with environmental issues;
  • compliance with environmental requirements and standards by all employees;
  • informing any interested parties about the Company's activities in environmental protection.
Environmental Protection

Metalloinvest implemets a wide range of projects addressing ecological problems. Some of the most significant include: the reconstruction of the coke oven battery; increasing the production of electric steel at the Ural Steel plant; the modernisation of a gas purifiers for four steel furnaces; and the construction of a water-recycling system and a facility for the cleaning of waste water at OEMK.

Metalloinvest’s enterprises employ an ISO 14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System to guarantee effective environmental management and environmental safety. The Environmental Management System is constantly optimised, allowing the Company to further strengthen its position in the Russian, CIS and international markets.

As a member of the World Steel Association (WSA), Metalloinvest is involved in the WSA project to collect information on CO2 emissions in metal production. Participation in the project allows a comparison of data with other businesses, and the calculation of the most efficient tools of optimisation based on these results. The Company has received a certificate verifying its provision of reliable data to the WSA for several years running. The Company intends to use the results of the WSA project to develop further measures to reduce the impact from steel plants on the atmosphere.

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