Regional Development

Regional Development
The sustainable development of towns where the Company operates (Stary Oskol and Gubkin in the Belgorod region, Zheleznogorsk in the Kursk region, and Novotroitsk in the Orenburg region) is of mutual benefit to the regions and Metalloinvest.

The aim of this partnership between the Company and the regions is to turn these towns that rely on metals and mining into pleasant places to live in and interesting places to grow up in.

Tripartite socio-economic partnership agreements unite Metalloinvest, town councils, and regional administration. Social partnership projects are developed every year, with specified key joint projects, and the expected input from each partner.

Lets Do It Together!

Support for socially useful initiatives and social enterprise

School of Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Encouraging entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

Womens Health

Healthcare for women and comprehensive early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our City Initiatives

Inspiring interest in professional education among youngsters, supporting young families, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Our Champions

Creating conditions for the development of physical activities and sport, and support for gifted athletes.

Healthy Child

The implementation of a comprehensive healthcare system for pre-school children.

Our Future

Educational and cultural support for learning institutions.

Supporting Critically Ill Children

Assistance for children with critical conditions.


Provide career guidance to schoolchildren and young people in the Belgorod region

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